Summer Vibes

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about summer vibes. In summer, the weather is different and the skin necessities are different too. Face care should be adapted to the new conditions. Heat and perspiration can create a feeling of oiliness on a skin that usually does not have this problem, or, on the contrary, dehydrate it to the point of needing a moisturizing richer than normal. What can we do? Change the routine!

Adapt cleaning

If in winter what you want is a creamy make-up remover so you don’t have to wash your face with cold water at night, now we adore the freshness of a gel. Or a micellar water, ideal for sensitive skin after a day at sun.

What we want to try? Gentle Cleansing Gel by Sisley


Looking for something different? Try Take it off, cleansing balm by Clinique. It’s a lightweight makeup remover that quickly dissolves tenacious eye, face makeups and sunscreens. Transforms from a solid balm into a silky oil upon application.

Intensive care

If your skin has no light and signs of fatigue, try an intensive cure with an illuminating serum or mask. With this energetic reinforcement, you will recover the balance.

What we what to try? Instant Beauty by Givenchy. According to the Sephora’s website, this give skin a new and revitalized appearance. It’s powered by nasturtium and ruscus plant extracts making the skin smoother, brighter and with fewer signs of fatigue. The formula also hydrates deeply.

What we already tried… Glamglow Hydrating Treatment mask.
L’oreal Paris Detox & Brighten charoal clay mask for dull skin. Deeply cleanses pores with the benefits of charcoal as an active skincare ingredientes.

Eye contour

This is a delicate area, with tendency to dehydrate and create wrinkles at the least lack of attention. In addition, the heat increases bad circulation problems, making prominent dark circles
  • Tip: If you have puffy eyes, try to sleep with a bigger pillow.

What we are using? Estee lauder Advanced Night Repair eyes cream, but it’s still too early to talk about the results.

What we want to try? Estee Lauder eye Concentrated Recovery eye mask. According to the website, these masks makes your eye area cool and refreshed. In just 10 minutes, eyes look more rested, renewed fine, dry lines are plumped as skin is drenched with hydration. Eyes look radiant, infused with luminous youth.

Bronzing powder
In summer the paleness of the face is more noticeable than in winter…. the solution is to use a bronzer.
The vantage of this make-up product is that it can be applied directly on day cream, with no need for foundation. But you have to be careful with the contrast of the neck and neckline. Apply the bronzer with moderation.
  • Tip: If you think that you have a lot of bronzer in your face, you can always use the foundation brush. The rest of the foundation that stays in the brush will make a smooth bronzer effect.
What we already tried… Terracotta Bronzing Powder by Guerlain. It’s a little expensive, we know. But this bronzing powder creates a natural-looking bronzed look. According to the website this powder is enriched with hydrating ingredients so that it go on seamlessly. What I like is that it never leaves an orange coloring, lines, or marks in skin. Oh and it smells so good.
What we want to try… Bronzing powder by Essence. It’s more affordable and we read such good comments about it.

·         Sisley Gentle cleansing gel $95 (4 oz)
·         Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm $29.50 (4.2 oz)
·         Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Instant boost $59 (1 oz)
·         Glamglow Hydrating treatment $69 (1.7 oz)
·         L’oreal Detox illuminating mask $ 12.99 (1.7 oz)
·         Estee Lauder Advance night repair eye mask $ 40 (4 masks)
·         Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing powder $ 53 (0.35 oz)
·         Essence Sun club bronzing powder $ 4.99 (0.52 oz)

Did you try any of these products? Give us your opinion in comments below….  

*This is not sponsored. We only give our opinions.

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