Burberry Face Contour Pen

Hello beauties,
When I started this post I didn´t know what to write, because I have a hate/love relationship with this product. I´m going to explain why. When I bought this product, the saleswoman said wonderful things about it and I wanted to try for a while a makeup product from Burberry. So I bought it!


I´m used to powder contours, so for a better application I went to Youtube to see the way Burberry (the official channel) said it´s the best way to apply the pen. And beauties, that was my mistake!

They say to apply this product making vertical lines on your face and then use the fingers or a brush to blend.

You can see it here:

I tried using this technique but that didn´t went well because I was not seeing a difference in my complexion.

Another con it’s the range of colors. They just have two, the medium to light/medium complexions and the dark one. Because it’s summer and I have a tan on, the medium one is a little bit light to my skin ton, but in the winter, is pretty good.

I let some time past and the pen was sitting in my makeup desk without any use, when I decided to give it another try. I spend the money on it and It wasn’t cheap, so I had to give it a second chance.

This time I applied the product in the traditional way. I made a risk under my cheek and then I used a beauty blender on one side and in the other I used a contour brush to blend into the skin (btw, both ways result).

It blended so easily and made a such beautiful contour in my skin in a natural way, making my face skinnier.

I was amazed by the pen, and I was angry with myself for not using that sooner.

Since then I have been using none stop, until the hate came again.
For no reason, the stick broke inside the pen and now I can´t reach it.
I don´t know what happened, because when I put it on my face I don’t use a lot of strength and I didn´t let it fall.
Well that was a long post.  Hope you liked it and if you have a solution to my problem let us know commenting this post.
If you want to buy this you can go to the Nordstrom website using this link:

In Portugal, you can find on Douglas store.
*As always, this is not sponsored (Burberry probably won’t like what I writed).

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