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Hello beauties,

Today I thought ‘why not talk about some coverage?’ So here I am, writing about my love/hate to the Born this way foundation. First let me tell you that I love the concealer. It’s one of the best products that I have. When I have a rough night, this is like a life saver for my dark circles.
The Born This Way Loose Powder is one of the products that I would love to try (as I already said in an earlier post), for what I saw, that powder is perfect for baking! Unfortunately, in my country we don’t have this powder. But I’m feeling patient, so I’m waiting…
Let’s come back to the principal topic, the foundation. You need to understand that before I tried this foundation, I only knew the eye palettes and the Better than sex Mascara (who doesn’t know this mascara?).  The point is, I was in Sephora to buy a new Estee Lauder Double wear (mine was finishing) and decided to try another brand.
The saleswoman said that Born this way was the number one foundation. She did put some of the foundation in my face and I loved it! We were in the beginning of summer, so it was already a hot day and when I saw that the foundation was so beautiful in my face, and that my oily skin was covered so well, I decided to buy it.

Here is where the problem started, take in consideration that I didn’t had made a research about the product and I didn’t understand a thing about the colors that were available, so when she sold me the color that she put on me I bought it. Next day, when I applied the foundation I noticed that something wasn’t right.
My skin is fair, even in the summer my skin does not tan a lot. So, if you are familiar with the range of colors, you can imagine how Natural Beige is in a face like mine! I don’t know what happened but I came back there and showed them, that wasn’t my color. But here, in my country, when we open a package, we can’t return it to the store, unless the product is destroyed or have some problem. Even then, they always make it a problem to return the money that we spend.
Conclusion, the saleswoman didn’t recognize the error and I came back with a foundation too dark for my skin.
Now that I know the colors I understand that she put me the Nude in my skin, but for some reason (it happens, I understand, we all make mistakes! The one that I bought was not the same that she applied on me) because she sold me the Natural Beige.

During the summer, I had some good beach days and luckily, my skin was a little bit tan so I could use this foundation. It was still a little bit dark and Orange for my skin but nothing too noticeable.

Let’s see the good things. I really like the coverage of this foundation, it’s really good! Take in consideration that this is not mat, it is a little bit luminous but it won’t evidence the oily on the skin (it’s oil-free). You can put two layers for a better coverage but for me, one is enough. The range of colors it’s not the best but it’s pretty good, there’s 12 shades to choose.

I have a mist of combo and oily skin and this foundation in a hot day (with some mattifying powder) stays beautiful for five to six hours.

Now let’s see the cons. I always put before the Hangover primer from the same brand, and even then, sometimes this foundation evidence some of my dry patches. If I don’t apply primer, my skin feels very dry and a little bit cakey. Maybe this happens because I have dehydrated skin (I’m drinking more water, don’t worry) or maybe this is how this foundation is! That is the only con that I know.

Like all the Too face products, the packaging is beautiful, all pinky and girlie. I love this type of packaging. It’s like I like to say, ‘The eyes can eat’ and this is the perfect example of this.

According to the box, this is an ‘undetectable medium-to-full coverage foundation’.

Infused with:

          Coconut water to delicately replenish skin’s moisture levels

          Alpine rose to brighten skin’s appearance and promote elasticity

          Hyaluronic acid for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

The slogan is:

This oil-free foundation masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin. Coverage so undetectable and skin so naturally radiant, they’ll think you were born This Way.

This foundation cost me 37€ on Sephora (30 ml/1.0 Fl. Oz.).

Hope this review help you if you are thinking on buying this foundation! Bye beauties

 *Not sponsored

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