Best Affordable Mascaras


Hello beauties,

I have a big collection of mascaras, some of them are expensive but most are affordable. Why? Simple, I don’t always believe that more money means that it’s better. But I don’t follow this rule in everything. Sometimes, on a blue moon, I see expensive products that makes me open my wallet and most of the times I don’t regret it!

The thing is, I have an expensive one that every time I use it, my mind is blown away (the color, volume and extension are WOW), but I only use it in special occasions or when I need my eyelashes to shine like a Whitney Houston song in X-factor.

But today we are going to see my affordable top mascaras, the ones that I use every day. I love them, they are pigmented and last for so long!

#1 Essence Get Big Lashes

This one I have for some time. It’s my favorite. I can’t explain my love for this mascara, it’s triple black so the color is very good but the best is the incredible volume it gives. I can compare this mascara to my favorite of the expensive ones. Both give me so much volume and extension. The difference is in the color (the expensive one has a darker pigment). I can use this mascara for hours and hours and it won’t smear. This is always in my bag, you can see from the photos that I give it a good use.

#2 Yves Rocher Volume Mascara 360° waterproof

This mascara is in the same spot as the one from Essence. It gives so much volume and has a rich pigment. The only con is the removal. It’s a little bit difficult (a good eye makeup removal does the job). It’s the best to use in weddings! It won’t smear for anything and you can cry all that you want. I can scratch my eyes and it won’t smear. Unfortunately, mine is over, but I’m waiting for a new one.

#3 Oriflame The one 5-in-1 Wonder lash Mascara

I like the extension this mascara gives to my eyelashes. It really pops! The volume is not as good as the one from Yves Rocher but I can see a good difference. The brush is very strange and the first time that I used it was I little bit odd. It has a part that is good to use in the up lashes and the other side is good to use in the bottom. 

#4 Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Noir Extreme

When I want a natural look, I use this! It’s not the best in volume but in extension it’s pretty good. It’s very easy to removal. The only con, is the fact that the brush is very big and sometimes if you don’t have careful, when you apply it, you can smear the bottom lashes a little bit. (in the process, wide open your eyes and look up, don’t worry, just be careful).

·         Essence Get big lashes triple black 0.40 fl. Oz. / 12ml – 3,59€ ($3.99)

·         Yves Rocher Volume 360° waterproof 0.33 fl. Oz. / 10ml – 13,35€

·         Oriflame The one 5-in-1 wonder lash mascara 0.2 fl. Oz. / 8ml – 14,00€

·         Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp noir extreme 0.33 fl. Oz. / 10ml – 13,35€

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