FTT – YSL All hours Foundation


Hello beauties,

Today we are going to start a new segment named FTT (First Time Trying). Let’s see how it goes…

If you follow our twitter, you know that I bought this Foundation last week all because of the “Look what you made me do” effect. Yes exactly, internet and the other bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers made me bought this foundation (or so I like to blame them).

It´s a hype right now in the beauty community so I needed to try it. (right, guys?)


I went to Perfumes & Companhia, a shop here in Portugal and bought the new YSL All hours foundation.

For the name, you can already guess what is and what it promises, right?! First, let´s talk about what draws immediately our attention! The box.


The YSL makeup is always so well packed, you see the gold box and immediately you know that is luxurious and beautiful. The jar is heavy but not too heavy (it’s in a luxurious heavy way), doesn´t look cheap (far from that) and is almost a piece of art, with that frosted glass with some unique details (great job as always, Mr. Yves Laurent). It comes with a pump, what is awesome and hygienic, and an important part of helping control the amount of product that you use.

This is a ticker foundation but it´s not too ticker, the smell is nice, like almost all the YSL products, don´t ask me to say what is the smell, I’m the worst person to know what something smells like, believe me.

How did I use it the first time?!

I usually use my YSL Touche Éclat blur primer before any foundation and this was not an exception (spoiler: they make a good pair).

I put some drops in strategic places of my face and used a foundation brush, and now I´m going to be against the world; I’m not a sponge girl, I don´t like to use it. I´m sorry, I have one but I just use it a few times when maybe I put too much foundation or concealer and I need to take off the excess, for that, I think the sponge is perfect.

I just use one lawyer and that´s enough. For my imperfections, I just use a little of corrector before the foundation and for my dark circles, I use concealer after the application of the foundation.


My opinion?! It´s everything that you read online (the good part).

  • It´s full coverage without being in excess, it stays all day; they say that it last 24h and in the first try, I wore it since 7 AM until 11PM while I was working, in a sunset party and in other places. I did sweat and I didn´t retouch my face not a single minute of the day. Impressive, right?
  • Transfer – proof, I agree with 99%. I don´t give it 100% because I still need to try it taking clothes off to see if it stays on the mark.
  • It doesn´t clog the pores. – verdict?! – I truly didn’t feel that, so it´s true

It has 22 shades, mine is BD40 Warm sand and right now It is a little too light but I´m already thinking about winter and in my white skin. Who already is missing summer?!


Remember that I have dry skin so I only could give my opinion on my type of skin. I felt comfort because it won´t dried out. I think that this foundation is also good for oily skin because is a matte foundation and the problematic skin will also like because of the coverage. But, every skin is different, remember that.

This foundation comes in a bottle with 25mL, 0.84oz and has a cost of $58.00 here.

After using this foundation, I want to try the All hours concealer!

What you think of this foundation? And the other products of this line? Tell us in the comments below

*not sponsored

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4 thoughts on “FTT – YSL All hours Foundation

  1. I just got a sample at Sephora so I can try it out for a few days and if I like it i’m going to buy it during the friends and family sale coming soon. YSL Fusion Ink has been the best foundation I’ve ever tried so I hope the all hours surpasses it! ❤


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