Monday mask #9 – Glamglow Youthmud mask

Hello beauties,

It´s Monday, the start of a new week of work, with the stress coming back and the weekend so far away, right?! Did you see our Sunday ‘It’s new and we want to try it’, click here to read.

Blogs are not always work they also are here to help in many ways. And we hope ours #MondayMask helps theses Mondays passing faster.

For this #MondayMask we bring you, for the third time, a GlamGlow Mask. If you remember, in the first GlamGlow post (here) I told you that I bought a pack with 6 different types of GlamGlow masks. I already reviewed two, so now is time for the YouthMud mask.


As the name says, this is an anti-aging mask, and is this just her function?! Nooo, of course not.

This mask was and is still used for a 10 minute professional treatment in behind-the-scenes of the hollywood world. If you read my second post about the GlamGlow gang (here) , I told you that this brand was first used in the hollywood royalty, so you can understand the behind the scenes sentence.


This mask promises after a gentle exfoliation, to leave the skin:

  • smoother
  • brighter
  • softer

Until here there isn’t anything new, all the others GlamGlow masks says they make all that functions, but (there is always a but) the YouthMud has a patented technology, named TEAOXY technology.

This Technology is formulated with real Green Tea leaf, and that is the property that makes the magic.

This TEAOXI technology promises to work has an:
  • anti-aging
  • anti-wrinkles
  • anti-oxidant
  • hydration
  • balance the oil production
  • anti-radicalar
This mask also has French Sea Clay. This ingrediente is known for doing:
  • detox
  • awake the skin
  • drawing the impurities
  • help the tone of the skin
  • tighten
  • lift

The last (from the principals) ingredient is the Volcanic Rock multi-level exfoliator that enhance all the others results.

Promises a lot, right?!

Package and appearance

This comes in a black jar (my favorite of them all, I have to say) that has 1.7oz / 50g and costs $69.00. The travel size is also available in the GlamGlow site, it contains 5oz / 15g and has a cost of $22.00. As you know from the previous

Monday Masks, mine comes in a pipe that has 7g/ 0.24OZ. It was the first mask of the kit that I ran out. Ohhh maybe because of the ticker texture that has. (It’s not very rentable)



The smell is subtle at least between the three that we already talked. The appearance, oh god, it´s so weird. It has a greenish color with pieces of leafs inside.



I think I can say that this is the most weirdst mask that I tried. It´s so difficult to put because it has solid plants on it and you can´t disperse in the face correctly.

According to their instructions, we need to aplly a thin layer all over the face. And leave there for 10 minutes. You can use this mask twice a week or as desired.


Personal experience

You’ll feel a tickling and pushing feeling right after the application that will disappear throught the 10 minutes that the mask is drying. It dries completely and during that transformation you’ll see a changing in the color. It passes from a greenish color to a light grey.

Once the time passes, we just need to remove with water in circular motions to exfoliate.

Is it worth the hype?!

With a continuing use, this mask does is job really well. In a few applications you already can feel and see your face smoother and brighter. I have almost 28 years old so I already have some wrinkles of expression, and with this mask I noticed them less noteciable.

Another good thing that this mask does, is that some exfoliators leave my skin red and irritated, and with this one I didn’t´t have that problem. So it’s approved for sensitive skins (at least approved by me).

In resume, there are no miracles in a jar so don´t expect this one to give you a perfect skin in a second. Yes it is good, you can see some effects that with others you need to apply several times and you are just trashing money away.

This is an expensive mask that is not for everyone, but if you want to spend a little more in a effective mask this is a good solution.


Have you already tried this one? Do you know others similars to this? Tell us on the comments bellow.

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