All About Lips – Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks


Hello beauties,

As you know we are two girls writing on this blog. Add the fact that we like lipsticks and you’ll see a lot of lipsticks on our life. We decided to add a new segment to our blog but we are counting on you to tell us if you think this is interesting. The segment is named ‘All about lipsticks’ and we are going to talk about affordable lipsticks that we found during the week. What do you think?

This time we bought two lipsticks from Essence. These lipsticks are available in eight shades, ranging from nudes, to pinks and purples and to some red shades. They covered all bases with a collection of just eight shades. Great job on this area, Essence.

The Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks are sold on retail for 2,89€ each and can be purchased on

Joana bought the number 02, and I (Rita) bought number 08.

 Essence 02 – Perfect Match

Joana: My lips are always dry, doesn´t matter the season we are. I usually exfoliate at the morning with my beloved Dior Sugar Scrub and at night I use a balm.

Can you believe that I’m still trying to find my perfect color on a lipstick?! It has been really difficult, because or they are too bright or they make my lips disappear. Maybe this segment will help my search, or you beauties, can help me trying to find my perfect shade on a lipstick.

Well let´s start with what you are here to know. My opinion on the Essence lipsticks.

When we decided to do this segment I didn´t have any Essence lipsticks, so I went to the store and bought one. In the shades that were available, I chose the number 2 because I didn´t want to get a risky color. Maybe now that I’m thinking better, is in the cheapest brands that you should take a risk because if you don´t like the color you didn’t trash like $30.00 away.


The “Perfect match” is a rosy nude color good for this time of the year. I´m more a brown nude, but I didn´t find one.


This lipstick has a Mat formula, you feel it dry a little bit, and all the lines that you have on the lips appear. After it dry totally, it looks like it makes a veil and it softs the appearance of the lines that were appearing at the beginning. In the end of the day, you just need a good balm and you´re good, it´s not a formula that you feel the lips are hurting.

The pigment is strong on this lipstick, in one layer you are good to go.

It´s an easy color to apply, it doesn’t smudge too much but I think that I have this opinion because is a nude color almost like the color of my lips and I was extra careful.

The longevity, well well well. I put today at 7:30 am and one hour later without touching and eating or drinking it was still there but a little less colored.


After I had breakfast at 9 AM, the lipstick disappeared from the lips and appeared on the cup of coffee, on the napkin… In resume, it stayed everywhere instead on the place it should be.

The package …

In my honest opinion, I don’t like it very much. It’s just a cape of plastic around the lipstick. At least is pretty. But I think is missing the outside package with the cute letters.

One thing that I loved is the flavor. And no, I didn´t eat the lipstick.




 Essence 08 – ‘It’s a statement’


Rita: Dare to discover your dark side with It’s a statement lipstick. This shade is a deep toned burgundy. You can say that this is a bold color and for me that usually only use neutral rosy colors, this was a statement for sure (see what I did here?).


The longevity of this lipstick is incredible- no budging for 3/4 hours. I only noticed a little budging after I eat, but let’s be real, I always eat like an animal and add water and juice from a glass to the equation and you see that it’s a challenge for any lipstick to stay on my lips. But overall, this lipstick it’s incredible – no movement at all.


I have my lips always dry, so before any lipstick I need to use an exfoliator and at night a good balm. But I didn’t notice this problem with this formula. My lips weren’t drier, even when I took the color off. I can write the name of a few matt lipsticks that I tried and after taking them off my lips turned the Sahara Desert (don’t make me spill the beans).

Now, the cons. First, it’s a little problematic to apply. I think it needs a lip pencil for the contour or something to make it easier. Joana color had the same problem, so maybe we can assume that happens with the other shades. Other was the fact that I tried it with no pencil, so it took me a good couple of minutes to apply it (dark colors + perfectionist people – pencil = wasted time).


I applied one layer and I immediately see the color, this is very pigmented. With two layers the color is richer.

I will not talk about the package, because I agree with Joana. It’s a simple tube with a plastic cape. But I think that for that price we have to be real and choose between formula or package. They obviously took more time with the first.

Is it the best formula that I tried? No, it not. Is it the worst? Absolutely not! I tried expensive lipsticks way worst that that.

Overall, I happy with this purchase. I think this shade is perfect to swipe on for a night on the town with your friends for some reckless fun.

(Disclaimed: This post is not sponsored)

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