Hello beauties,

Rita: This month it’s Halloween! In our country, we don’t celebrate the Halloween but we celebrate the 1st November as the ‘Day of the all saints’. It’s a day where we celebrate the dead that became saints. Normally, we take flowers to the cemetery. I have good memories of this day from when I was younger, because 1) my parents didn’t have to work that day and 2) my grandma always made us a cake (like, every year!).
But on 31th October, as I said, we do nothing in here. Some years we have some kids with masks at the door asking for sweets but no more than six (in a good year)! That week is similar to good movies on the television (especially if you like horror movies)!
Joana: I love horror movies but the ones with suspense, not the bloody type like for example Saw. I´m sorry but Saw is not a horror movie, it´s a bloody movie. I love the movies that keep you in the edge of the seat, the movies that you tell the character to not go in that direction but they go anyway, sometimes I think they are really dumbs.
What is your favorite horror movie?

Anyway, We are happy with Halloween. There’s nothing to complain. Would we like to see more elaborate costumes? Yes, absolutely! But for now, we need to indulge our make-up craziness with Instagram. And let me tell you, there’re some good ideas flying on Instagram. Some more difficult and some more easy.
For now, what we thought was that maybe you’ll need some inspiration. So, my beauties, we made this post to give you some ideas. From where, do you ask? Shows, of course! We selected some ideas from shows well known and we hope that this helps you finding your inspiration!

(Disclaimed- This is not show´s sponsored. We like to tell you, that if you don’t like these shows, don’t hate us. And if you like, give us an imaginary high-five! We only want to give you inspiration)

Remember that sometimes a unique style is the best!! Be bold, be brave! Enjoy the day !!! 🎃


1. Vampire

My beauties, you know that if we want to be a vampire we have two choices: a sexy one or a scary one.

One of our favorite’s series about vampires was The Vampire Diaries (no shame in here). We are not going to talk about that ridiculous finale, no… we are here to talk about the sexy vampires that that series had. Stefan, Damon, hello!!! If you want to catch their attention you need to be like Elena.




To complete the look and if you saw The Vampire diaries you know that Elena is a simple girl. So to be the perfect Elena you just need:

  • Converse tennis
  • Jeans
  • blue cami
  • white top
  • golden necklace

This is a simple look, perfect if you don’t have patience and little time to get a costume.

Elena is not enough for you? So you are a Katherine Pierce type. If you saw the series you know that Katherine is another story, she is sexy, sassy and a cool vampire, sorry if I’m talking too much about her, but she was one of my favorites characters.




Katherine is the opposite of Elena. She is already flawless because is a vampire but she pushes the boundaries with makeup.



If you want to recreate Katherine, leave the sneakers at home, you’ll need some high heels, and:

  •  black jeans
  •  sexy shirt with cleavage
  • leather jacket


2. Witches

Do you want to be in a full costume? Great! We have the perfect idea – be a witch. You can choose the traditional witch – black clothes, pointed hat, broom and striped socks – or you can up you’re A game and try some other ideas.










Do you want to incarnate the only and only Evil Queen from Disney? We also can help you. Look at this picture and try to copy the look.





3. Disney princess


Halloween is all about scary and spooky figures but some people don´t want and that´s ok. If feel that way then this segment is for you.

Do you have red hair? If yes, this princess will fit you perfectly. Merida is a fierce princess that is not afraid of adventure.




In terms of clothes you just need:

  • a blue dress – an example –  here / here
  • Dark cape, it´s not in the image but is part of her signature look – here
  • Black boots


If you are not a red hair, then you have two options:

  1. Use a wig (Kylie Jenner started the fever).
  2. If use a wig is too much for you, you can try Snow white the bandit from Once Upon a time.






For clothes, maybe this is the most difficult to recreate. But here are our ideas:

  • brown tall leather boots with no heel.
  • Khaki pants
  • cream top
  • cream blouse – here
  • fur vest
  • cream gloves


To end in the perfect way, we just need to talk about the show that used to make Halloween special episodes, and that is my favorite show so far, I’m sad that it´s over. Who is with me? I´m talking about of course Pretty Little Liars.


4.Pretty Little Liars

They are the expert in Halloween, and each of the liars had a unique style.





Spencer was always the most lady of all.






For me Hannah was always the trendiest character in term of dress up. What I mean is that she dressed like Britney spears or Marilyn Monroe, people that we all know.






From all the liars, Aria was always the most Halloween from all the girls. She dressed like scary and dark figures.






Emily was always the one that I didn´t know what to expect from her. On contrary from the others that had a tendency and followed a line. Emily no, in one time she was a super hero and in other she was Pocahontas. And that’s ok, of course.


If you don´t want to dress as a spooky/horror character, you can do as the Pretty little liars and dress as your favorite character from a movie, series or history.




–          ISDIN, Skin Drops

–          Bourjois, Blush

–          YSl, All hours foundation

–          Chanel, Les Beiges Cushion Foundation

–          Yves Rocher, Mascara

–          YSl, Fusion in Ink blush

–          Diorskin, NudeAir



Did we give you inspiration? Share with us your opinion and photos of your costume, we would love to see.


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