# Mondaymask – Kiko Milano ‘You are Golden Eye’ mask


Hello beauties,

As you know by now, me and Joana bought some masks by Kiko cosmetics, and we liked the first so much that we decided to try another one. This time it was my time to use the ‘You are Golden Eye’, a cooling effect hydrogel eye patch with honey extract.


Both of us suffer from dark circles and dry under eyes, so when we see a product for that area, we don’t hesitate to try on.

First let’s talk about the packaging. Like all the Kiko’s new line of masks, this is a very clean, elegant, with basic and appellative colors . It’s a limited-edition design by Yordanka Poleganova, internationally renowned fashion illustrator. Yordanka created striking artwork that evokes her bold, elegant, modern and extremely cool style. It perfectly conveys the glamorous and innovative spirit of these masks.

Unfortunately, the package doesn’t have a lot of information’s about the mask per si. In the back, its indicated how we should use it- thank god- (with 2 repeat images, still don’t understand why) and the ingredients. Just that! So, I went to the website, see if I could take more information’s about this mask before I put it in contact with my skin.


What I found:

‘Gold hydrogel eye mask with honey extract – a touch of glamour for a fresh, toned face. You Are Golden Eye is the perfect way to treat the eyes, restoring skin’s natural vitality. Made in South Korea’.

Not much…right? I’m always a little bit afraid when I dont have much information (I’m a little control freak), but it’s Kiko, a brand well known and it cant be that bad, right? Worst case scenario my skin and eyes start to fall…I’m kidding! Am I? ahaha yes!


How you should use it:

  1. Remove the two transparent films and apply the patches on the cleansed eye area; be careful when opening the packaging because it’s very wet.
  2. Leave on for 15-20 minutes;
  3. Then remove.


Simple, right? So, I did this and I noticed a cooling effect (just as promised) during all the 20 minutes and even when I took it off.  The patches are very wet, even when you take them off, you will feel that it can be used again (but it’s only one time use). I felt my skin a little bit more hydrated, too. Maybe because this has honey extract in its composition.  Was I expecting a more visible effect? Yes, absolutely, but I’m always expecting that!


The patches were easy to apply and very adherent to the skin during the time it was supposed to be. The patches were a little bit big for my under eyes, but my face is small so I understand. It happens almost every time.

Now, the price. This mask is not expensive. On the contrary its affordable, it costs 3.90€. (In my country, we don’t find masks more affordable than this).


Will I buy it again? Maybe in December/January sales but for now, no. My under eyes will appreciate that again in January.


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