All about lipsticks – Red Edition


Hello beauties,

Red is the winter color! Don´t you believe? Then check Miu Miu collection and see all that shoes and boots in all kinds of red (some of them with red fur). Missoni used red boots and sandals with matching tights. Max Mara open his fashion show with four total red looks.

Still not convinced? Go back in time and watch ‘Wizard of Oz’ (1939) and see what’s the color of the famous shoes that Judy Garland used in her Doroty Gale performance? (Spoiler Alert: they’re red!)

Pssst… Did you know that Gilbert Adrian (head of the MGM’s costume department) order seven to ten pairs of shoes and had them covered with red sequins (2.300 per shoe) to replace the initial false rubies that made the shoes very heavy.

In fact, today the difficult for Dorothy would be to choose what to use in the next months, among the many shades of red that exist. You see, theres a lot of red’s, so you don’t have an excuse to say that is not a good color for your skin tone, I’m sure that you’re going to find one that suits you. So, you just need to keep searching.

We decided, to talk about a few that we have so you can see if any of these suits you.

Joana:  There’s ’50 shades of red’ but no matter the shade of red that you use, you are representing something bigger than you and being empowering. I have some different red lipsticks from different brands. I use them when I’m in the mood and depending on the situation.

Today I’m talking about two of my red lipsticks, one from Kiko and another from Quem disse Berenice.


Kiko Red lipstick

I think this lipstick is no longer available. Sorry! It was a limited edition and before I decided to talk about it, I made a little search on the website but I cound’t find it anymore. I will however talk about it because I love Kiko’s brand and I love this lipstick.

Do you know the sentence, “Dress to Impress”?! It’s exactly for that, that this lipstick is for. When I use it, I feel bold, confident and like the world is mine. (Great feeling!)




It has a vivid red color that makes the transit stop. At least for me is not a everyday look because I feel that according to my style and my type of life, this is to much. But that is me, I love to see this red on daily basic in other person and I think this shade suits everyone.

I can say that is a medium wearing lipstick. is not matt, so it doesn’t´t stay all day but after a meal of course that the color fade away but you still can see some rests of color,  Or what can happen is it smudge all over your face, if you’re not a lady eating. It’s not a difficult lipstick to apply but you need time, and you can use it without a lip pencil.

The package consists in a metal case with the kiko logo and a bar that indicates the color that is inside.


‘Quem disse Berenice’ Vermelhou

Quem disse Berenice is a Brazilian brand that is new in Portugal. It’s a irreverent brand that love to do risky and bold products with all the colors that exists.


A couple of weeks ago they made a challenge and if we participated in the challenge we could pick a red lipstick from a variety of shades.

I chose a dark red lipstick because i didn’t have one with this color that suits so well in fall and winter.

The color that I chose is “Vermelhou” and it’s a matt velvet lipstick.

It has a dar red color that on contrary of the one from Kiko, for me (I repeat, for me) is a everyday red color. It is a long wearing lipstick, that stays for a couple of hours on your lips. It’s an extremely difficult lipstick to apply, I truly advice you to use a lip pencil so in contrary will be difficult to put this lipstick in the place.

The package is a simple black case with some cool hearts on the end. If you want to buy this lipstick be careful with the position you put it, or it can break.





Rita:  Normaly red is a color that I don’t like to see on my lips but I love to see on the others. Weird! Despite that, I think that no matter what beauty style you embrace, every lady should have a red lipstick in their makeup collection.

I will talk about two that I have: Quem disse Berenice ‘Vermelhissimo’ and Essence ultra last 13. Both are very affordable but their shades and finishes are completly diferent.


‘Quem disse Berenisse’ Vermelhissimo Matt

So, I accepted an offer by ‘Quem disse Berenice’ and tried this bold lipstick. According to them, this is a matte lipstic but for me it has more a semi-matte finish. I can see some matte effect but I see some shine too.




I like to aplly it and then I take the excess with a tissue. Can you see from the photos de difference? I like it more without the excess.



Another pro is the longevity. It lasts for about 2-3 hours (I putted it in the morning after the breakfast and ate a yogurt after one hour) and although some difference is noted, it still shows suficiente color for a red lipstick. If you eat like a lady (unfortunatly, not my case), you will need to retouched it at the end of a big meal, but I believe that it won’t blur too much.

A big con is the difficulty to apply. It definitely needs a lip pencil or  it will be a mess.

The packaging is very simple and I like the heart detail, associated to the brand’s assignature.




The price is also good. It costed 7,90€ and you can buy it on a store or in their website, here.


‘Essence’ Ultra Last n.13

Well, this is what we can call an impulsive buy.

I’ll start by saying that I love the color! I truly do. It’s a Red with a Orange sub-tone finish. It reminds me Taylor Swift red lipstick at the 2012 MTV VMAs.




The packaging is very simple and mínimal, as all Esssence products. It’s just a black plastic case but has a good thing: a red ring that its great to see the color of the lipstick. (It’s great to distinguish them).




Application: it’s not difficult. I bought it yesterday and immediatly tried to apply it without the lip pencil and it wasn’t so bad. Of course, with a lip pencil you’ll have a more define lip and a beatiful result.




The formula, it’s the worst! It’s not matt, so it shines a lot. The lips stayed a lit bit sticky and prepare yourself because everything you touch with your lips will be red! I tried to drink some water and half of the lipstick stayed in the glass.

So as you can tell the longevity of this lipstick is not the best (to not say the worst). If you have time and patience to retouch on every half hour, or if you don’t eat- then this is perfect for you!

It costed me 2,80€ and you can buy it on a store or in

Tell us what’s your favourite Red shade. And what what brand you like or would love to try 😉





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