All About Lips- Caudalie French Kiss


Hello beauties,

Caudalie is making some awaited launches this year. And one that I was really looking for to try, were the new balms, The Caudalie French Kiss.


These new lip balms offers hydration, protection and a soft shimmering to the lips.

More than 97% of the ingredients are extracted from the grapefruit including the polyphenols and anti-oxidants.

They come in three “colors” with different smells.



First is Innocence. This is the lightest shade that just offers a weak shine, making it very discreet.

It has a lightly scent like vanilla-bathed and orange.



The Second is Seduction. The middle color supposedly gives to your lips a delightful rosy shade with sensual, flossy perfume.


Third we have Addiction. This one has my favorite scent. It smells like red fruit juice or candy. Delicious!!! And supposedly gives you an intense raspberry red color.




IDK if you noticed that I wrote supposedly every time I talked about the color of these lip balms. That wasn’t a coincidence.

I did that because as you can see from the pictures there is no difference in the color between each of the three balms. That was such a disappointment! I was so eager for trying them, and when I had the chance, Caudalie disappointed me.


In the picture bellow, you can see a slightly difference in my arm but in the lips the difference disappears.

From left to the right, you have Addiction, Seduction and Innocence.



The pros with these lipsticks is the scent, it is delicious, especially Addiction and of course the packaging. Caudalie never disappoints with packages, they are extremely well made and beautiful.


Am I going to buy them again?! No, I’m not. Why?! Because I think there are others lip balms that makes the same effect as these for less money. These costs 12€. And let’s not forget the part that we have to use our fingers to apply these babies, and I don’t like that, I don’t think that is hygienic.



What do you think? Do you want to try them?

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