Erborian Bamboo Hydro-Plumping Mask

Hello beauties,

Last week I went to the mall and let me tell you I shopped a lot! In the store where I bought some lipsticks, the saleswoman was very nice and gave me some samples for me to try. After a small talk where I told her all about my experience with the Erborian BB-cream (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a good experience), she gave me samples of the CC cream and the Bambo Waterlock mask.

Today we are going to talk about the Bamboo Waterlock Hydro-Plumping Mask.




Erborian is a brand that blends traditional Korean ingredients with modern French beauty. They offer carefully selected herbs blended in pure harmony to deliver gentle yet effective skin care solutions. Erborian uses powerful ingredients such as ginseng, bamboo and matches green tea with high-tech cosmetic engineering to create unique products.



Bamboo Waterlock Mask is a moisture mask enriched with bamboo sap and fibers to help skin feel smooth, hydrate and plumped with water.

Pssst… Did you know how the scent in Bamboo Waterlock was developed? It was by one of the world’s most prestigious family-run perfumers in Grasse, France (1871). The scent is meant to evoke a floral, green aromatic plant scent.

Bamboo is an ingredient perfect for dry skin due to his amazing moisturizing qualities. It contains amino acids, to help hydrate the skin, while the fiber contains proteins and lipids, that help to maintain the skin´s moisturizing.




How to use:

It can be used in two ways:

  1. As a rinse-off hydro-plumping mask: Apply a thick layer to the face, leave on for 10 minutes and then gently rinse off with warm water.
  2. As a moisturizing leave-on treatment: Use just a thin layer and leave it on until the product has been completely absorbed.

Use twice a week.

Why should I try it?

According to the website, it reduces visible signs of fatigue, leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and soothed with a subtle yet uplifting fragrance.


The packaging

I tried a sample, but I had the real size on my hand and it is in a green jar with white letters. The box is also in a lemon-green. (I love this color)


My experience…

As you know I have combo dehydrated skin, so I thought that this mask would be perfect for my type of skin. I applied a thin layer and left it on until I felt the product was completely absorbed.

I felt my skin more hydrated and so soft. I loved the feeling. I think that next time, I will try to use a thick layer and leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse off. Not because I felt the skin oilier, no, I didn’t. But I want to see the difference between the two methods.

The mask has a gel consistency. When applied it has a cooling effect on the skin.



The scent is amazing! It’s fresh and you can feel it immediately when you open the mask, but nothing too strong. If you don’t like strong scents, don’t worry, this is a fresh fragrance. You will love it!

I’m very pleased with this mask. I truly felt my skin more hydrated. The real size has a cost of $43.00 and you can buy it in a good number of stores or on their website. It brings 100 mL/3.5 oz. So you can say that is a little bit expensive but if you use just a thin layer once/twice per week I think that it lasts a long time.


What is your favorite mask, tell us what we should try next



2 thoughts on “Erborian Bamboo Hydro-Plumping Mask

    1. It is! I truly liked it, it lightweight (I love this type of masks) and does the job very well. I never had my skin so hydrated! Thank you for the recommendation- I will try the Khiels masks for sure!


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