Tag: 16 questions about makeup

Claudia Matias (here) started a tag that we thought was such a cool idea. So we decided to do too. It’s also a way for you, my beauties to know a little more about us.

Because we are two, both of us are going to answer separately, because we have different tastes and opinions (sometimes)!

So here we go…

1. You have 2 minutes to get out of the house … What’s the only product on your face?

 Joana – concealer;
 Rita –  concealer;

2. What is your skin type?
Joana – normal;
Rita –  combo;

3. Do you often go to the dermatologist?
Joana – No;
Rita –  Once a year;

4. What is your favorite facial moisturizer?
Joana – Filorga NCTF Supreme Regenerating Fluid;
Rita – Vichy Hydra;

5. Ever had problems with acne?
Joana – no, just some breakouts;
Rita –  In my teenager years, yes (but nothing to serious);

6. Did any makeup product caused you acne or allergy?
Joana – yes, Caudalie vinoperfect fluid, it caused me allergies but I still love Caudalie; Rita –  lately I think that Garnie HydraBost (link) has been giving me some breakouts;

7. Do you prefer foundation or concealer?
Joana – concealer;
Rita –  concealer;

8. Do you prefer blush or bronzer?
Joana – bronzer of course;
Rita –  Blush;

9. What is your favorite brand of lipstick?
Joana – right now is Dior but there are other brands that I want to try;
Rita –  lately I’ve been loving the Kat Von D. matte lipsticks.

10. Elongated or bulky eyelashes?
Joana – A mix of both?!;
Rita –  Bulky;

11. Two favorite makeup brands:
Joana – Dior and YSL;
Rita –  Estée Lauder and benefit;

12. Do you prefer to buy makeup at stores or online?
Joana – Store or where the price is better;
Rita –  Store first but Online if the price is better;

13. Have you ever used homemade recipes in your skin?
Joana – no;
Rita –  Absolutley! I make an exfolianting lip scrub with honey, sugar and lemon juice that it’s great! Once I tried a mask with avocato and I truly liked. Now, I’m tainted to do one of banana that I saw on a blog.

14. Do you sleep with your makeup on?
Joana – not anymore, but when I was younger … ;
Rita – same.

15.What is your advice to who wants to start wearing makeup for the first time?
Joana – start with cheap makeup, with a bb cream, mascara and lipstick;
Rita –  I think that it’s importan to try and then buy. Start with simple things as an eye pencil before the eyeliner. Use a concealer before heavy foundations. Try a simple bronzer before the contour tecnic. When you feel more comfortable and at ease, then you go to more complexe makeup.

16 Which product do you want to buy, but it is too expensive?
Joana – Tom Ford makeup;
Rita – La Mer creams;

If you want to try this test tag us. Hope you learned a little bit more about us.



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