Urban Decay – Naked Ultimate Basics


Hello beauties,

I thought a lot about doing this post about the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette because it can be new to my collection but is not new to the market and probably not for you too, beauty.

And now you are asking why I decided to do it, right? well, I have three reasons:

1.     I cherish this palette, and why not to talk about a palette that I fell instantly in love?

2.     It’s my first naked palette, so it’s a huge deal.

3.     It won the Allure 2017 price (link), so I have the perfect excuse to do this review.


So let’s start from the beginning…

One day I went to Sephora with the mission to buy a palette that had a good size to travel but I already had in my head that I wanted an Urban Decay palette.

My mission was to buy a small palette but the ones that were available, weren’t catching my attention.

Until I saw the Naked Ultimate Basics. (Yes, I know this is a little big for travel, but I fell in love for it).





First the package is outstanding, golden and brilliant. It recalls luxury. Then the eyeshadow colors, are suitable for an everyday look or if you want something more you can also do that look with this palette.

It brings a giant mirror, that is useful and practical and also a double brush that in contrary from the majority of the palettes, is a good one. It’s good for blending and smudge your eye look.




Like all the Naked palettes this isn’t cheap, but if you think in the quantity and quality of looks you can do with this palette (looks that can be used every single day), worths perfectly the price! There are some palettes that I like but then when I get them, they have too much glitter on it and for me (a double say, FOR ME!), they are not worthy because I won’t use glitter every day!


The shades


If I could change a little thing on this palette I would take out the color Nudie because is too much alike Commando and maybe I would put a shade with some glitter for some occasions. But I absolutely love this palette, goes with all eye colors.

This palette is not different from the others naked palettes, the quality of these shades is unbelievable, they blend so nicely and are powdery but not too powdery.

No fall out! That is so important!

The Ultimate Basics comes with 12 shades, all matte and suitable for all the skin and eye colors. This 12 shades are divided in neutral, warm and cool tones, so you can have hundreds of options. You even can mix it with others shades from others naked palettes to a more bold makeup.


  1. pre-game (pale-yellow matte)
  2. extra-bitter (burnt orange matte)
  3. faith (medium warm brown matte)



  1. lockout (rich neutral brown matte)
  2. magnet (smoky gray matte)
  3. blackjack (warm black matte)



  1. blow (light nude demi-matte)
  2. nudie (soft pink-nudie matte)
  3. commando (light taupe brown matte)



  1. tempted (pale brown matte)
  2. instinct (medium pink-taupe matte)
  3. lethal (reddish brown matte)



I have brown eyes and the ones that I use more are commando, tempted and instinct to the crease and blending.

Pre-game to the inside corner.

Blow to under the brow and Lethal to the outside corner and under-eye.


My verdict

I love this palette!!

Is so useful, and practical for my everyday and also to my profession and private life.

It allows me to create a sober look, to an everyday basics and be a little bold when I want something extra, like to an event or just a night out.

Its a little expensive ($55.00) but if you think a little, you will see that each of the 12 shades as a cost of $5.00, so it becomes economical, right?! and it will last ages and is not seasonal, is good for all year  (I’m convicing myself).

And you can’t say that urban decay doesn’t listen to their clients. If you know a little of the history of this palette, you know that it was made taking into account the wishes that everyone was asking – a matte palette!!

And the best? It brings exclusive colors that none of the other naked palette’s have.







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