Martiderm: Black Diamond event

Hello beauties,

This week I went to an event of Martiderm:  the launch of their new line of product – the  Black Diamond segment.


This event was in Lisbon in the Sana Metropolitan Hotel. This hotel is stunning, if you are thinking on visit Lisbon then this is a good choice for you to stay.


The event was in the evening and included a dinner. The dinner occurred before the presentation and was a buffet with some variety. Oh and let’s not talk about the quality of the wine (spoiler: it was really good) 😉


After dinning and catching up with other people that were there, it was time to start the main event, the launch of their new creams of the Black Diamond segment.

If you don’t know this brand, Martiderm is a Spanish brand, that was funded in 1952 in the Marti Tor Barcelona´s pharmacy. They are known for their ampoules, and for the efficacy of their products. They bet in the technology and investigation to achieve more unique products with efficacy.


Their philosophy is called “Smart Aging” – “Vive la vida plenamente, sé consciente de cada momento que es único e irrepetible. Tú familia, los amigos, la naturaleza, la gastronomía, el deporte, los viajes,… Vive de manera inteligente, conoce los contratiempos y condiciones que encontrarás en el camino para poder afrontarlos.”

Tradution: “live your life fully, be conscious of each moment, that is unique and irreplaceable. Your family, friends, nature, gastronomy, sport, travel… live your life in an intelligence way, know the setback that you will find in your way for you to know how to face them.”

Well, now that you know a little bit of this brand, let´s go back to the event.


Like I was saying, the formation/launch started with Dra. Giselle Pérez Machado. She is an investigator in the “Biomedica en Red del Instituto de Salud Carlos III” and she studies the Epigenetic and how it can be use in the cure of deseases and in the cosmetic.

Dra. Giselle Machado, explain a little the science behind the Epigenetic and how it has been used to help in the efficacy of the Martiderm products.

I’m not going to talk about that, because you will think that we went back to college and I don’t want to make you sleep, and we don’t want that, on the contrary!

After the discuss of the Dra. Giselle Machado, they made the launch of the new products.

These products are incorporated in the Black Diamond segment that they have. The Black Diamond segment is a global anti-aging  segment, compost for the:

  • Skin complex ampoules
  • Proteum serum
  • Ionto-Lift Eye Contour
  • Ionto-Filler Lip Contour



Now the Black Diamond segment has two new creams that are the

  • Epigence 145 cream
  • Epigence 145 sleeping cream


Let´s talk a little about each one of them.



Epigence 145 cream


Epigence 145 cream is the new day cream of the Black Diamond segment.

It’s an anti-aging cream but it’s more than that. Let’s not forget that it has the technology and science of the epigenetic in it.

This cream has in is composition:

  1. 2% Epigen 145 – stimulate the cellular renovation;
  2. 1% Dron X50 – stimulate the production of elastin and collagen
  3. 3% hyaluronic gold – stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid endogen;
  4. 5% proteum 89+ – rise the elasticity and firm the skin. Is also a biologic solar filter;
  5. vitamin complex
    1. vit E – anti-oxidant
    2. Vit F – rise the hidration and elasticity if the skin;
    3. Vit A – stimulate the production of collagen.

Well you can see that this is a really complex cream that is described to have these function:

  1. Resilience to face the oxidative stress;
  2. System of selective liberation of the actives;
  3. Rise the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid;
  4. Unify the tone;
  5. Has a light texture and quick absorption.




Epigence 145 sleeping cream



The night cream has almost the same constitution of the day cream in the same quantities but instead of having the complexion vitamin, it as enoxolone, a active with an anti-inflammatory and calm function. The enoxolone repairs the skin from diary aggressions, like bad nutrition, temperature, smoke …

In the function it has all the function that the day cream has but instead of having a light texture it has an enriched texture, which is normal, because it is a night cream.

I had the pleasure of trying the texture of both, and beauties, the night cream is AMAZING. I can´t wait to try the cream to see the effect on my skin.

In the end of the event I came home with some goodies, that unfortenately I didn’t had the chance, yet, to try but I can’t wait.


Do you want to know my opinion in the creams that I got? If you want, comment in the comments bellow and tell me if you like these type of posts, because I know that is a little different from what we usually do.


Thank you for being here and until next time.













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