Hello beauties,

Today is Monday (again) and we are less than 15 days to Christmas, can you believe in it? For me, particularly, this year went in a rush, looks like yesterday was Christmas and here we are again on another Christmas party.

We are almost at the end of the year and unfortunately at the end of my multi-package of GlamGlow masks. All the good things come to an end, right. Ohhh I’m a little sad.


The GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Mask is the last of the package that I have to review, but don’t worry, this is not the end of the #MondayMask. We still didn’t try all the masks of the world. The FlashMud can be the last mask from the GlamGlow package that I have to review but it was the first one that I tried from this multi-package. So that means that I can give my real and oficial opinion.

So, let’s talk about the reason why we are here – the GlamGlow Flashmud brightening treatment mask.

The FlashMud mask is a multi-sensorial mask that promises quick results in the brightening compartment.

According to the informations provided, this mask promises to leave your skin more:
• Bright
• Light
• Luminous

This mask was made to:
• Instant results
• Men and women
• All age
• All skin types
• All skin tones


As the others GlamGlow masks, the Flashmud has TEAOXI technology associated. This technology allows the extraction of the properties of differente plants. For example, the Flashmud has White Birch Leaf, that means, that all the properties (betulin, for example) of this mask come from the leafs of the white birch.

The white birch leafs delivers natural Betulin, Ellagic and Betulinic acid to improve the color balance of your skin tone.

But this mask is more complexed than that, it also contains:

WhiteEnergy – that delivers intense bright
Flashlucent – this component is the combination of skin translucency optimizers featuring 3 levels of exfoliation, that will drive the ingredients into the skin for a luminous and younger looking skin.
Reflectrum – is a blend of brightening ingredients boosted with diamond photoluminescence to increase the reflecting level of the skin, and be more attractive and radiant.




1. Apply in circular motions on dry face to pre-exfoliate and improve the absorption;
2. Leave it for 20 minutes;
3. Wash off with water;

There are two ways of using this mask:
• 3 days in a row for improved results

• 2-3x per week to maintain the result

Because this is a brightening mask, you should use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin and of course maintain the results.



The FlashMud mask comes in an orange jar/tube that has two sizes, the bigger is $69.00 and has 1,7oz / 50g, you can also buy the travel size that costs $24.00 and has 0.5oz or 15g.

The mask itself has a strong sweet smell, like fruit. Sincerely I don’t like the smell of this mask. At the beginning, I like sweet smells but with the pass of the time, it becomes so nauseate, because it doesn’t go away and stays even more strongger.

The aspect of the mask is a withish cream with almost like dark sand on it.



Starting from the application, I don’t like that first step where they say to massage on my dry face. If you read our last friday post (here), you know that I like a light scrub and not so much a hard one. And this one hurts my face, it leaves my skin irritated and almost with marks – maybe the fact that we need to apply it on dry skin makes it worst. But I know that many people love this feeling and are always looking for a nice facial scrub.

You clearly see instant results on a single application. Your tone stays more uniform, and with a daily use, the results are even better.

I think you will love this mask if you are looking for a mask to do before a night out or an event.

What I need to say now, is that Glamglow needs to make more masks available to my country  😉


Thanks for reading




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