Caudalie | Moisturizing Mask (or maybe best as an under eye cream??)

Hello beauties,

We are ending this year in the best way! Why? Because we had so much fun trying all these masks for our #Mondaymask and in this jorney it’s great when we discover things we didn’t expect.

Let’s start by the beginning. For this #Mondaymask we are going to talk about the Moisturizing mask by Caudalie. I love Caudalie products (and no, this is not pharmaceutical talking), I really like how natural and effective the Caudalie products are.

There’re a few I don’t like so much, but others belong to my favourite skincare products. The Mask collection is one example of that. I will not talk about all of them because I want to mantain the focus (at least today) on the Moisturizing one.


According to the Caudalie’s Website:

‘The Moisturising Mask intensely rehydrates and soothes dry skin. In minutes, the skin is left soft and hydrated thanks to a formula rich in grape-seed oil, Vinolevure® and plant glycerine. The skin’s barrier is left nourished, hydrated and protected against future dehydration’. 


It contains (among other ingredients):

  • Grape-seed oil: Nourish, Repair.
  • Vinolevure: Moisturize, Fortify.


This mask is indicated for all skin types and it’s perfect for:

  • Intensely nourishes;
  • Soothes dehydrated skin.


In Portugal, we are in Winter and it’s really cold, so my Combo/slightly dehydrated skin is really needing a mask like this, so I got one sample to try.


  • Apply twice a week to the face and eye contour area.
  • Remove excess mask after 15 minutes
  • Or leave on all night for a deeply nourishing treatment.


I apply it to the face and eye contour. Left it for 15 minutes and then I took of the excess with a cotton disk.


I felt my skin so moisturized and smooth, I felt that my skin was amazing. I really did. I’m always a little afraid to use moisturizing masks because sometimes they tender to leave my skin oilier but with this one I didn’t felt that. I think it worked very well for the dehydration that I was feeling on that moment.

But guess what? I read that this mask is perfect for the under eyes too. So I’ve used it for three nights on a row in my under eyes. I read that it’s good to help dark circles and wrinkles disappear!

And guess what?! I’m considering replacing my night eye cream with this because even after a few uses, I can see some results! I’m still young so I don’t see an improvement on the wrinkle area (fortunatley I still good on that department) but I was feeling my under eyes very dry and I don’t feel it anymore. About dark circles, maybe it’s my imagination but I don’t see it so noticeable!

I will probably buy the full size product. It’s available in pharmacys, Sephora and in the Caudalie website.


Hope you like it!





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