Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose | Hydro gel eye patch

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about the Koelf Bulgarian Rose Hydrogel eye patch. I won this product at an Instagram giveaway hosted by @mykbeautybar. I love Korean products so thank you!!

Koelf is a subsidiary brand of Petitfee Cosmetics. They call these patches the ‘Eyepatch of elf’. Well, from what I read in books and see on movies (geek alert!) elves have always flawless skin. I mean, if they promise a skin like that to us mere mortals, I’m in!


Koelf have available three different eye patches, each one with a different color and ingredients:

  • Ruby | Bulgarian Rose

Contains Damask Rose water from Bulgaria, rich in vitamins that help lighten dull or darkened eye skin. Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smooth puffiness and fine lines. Ruby powder for rejuvenating skin, Camellia leaf extract, and Grapefruit Seed extract.

  • Pearl | Shea Butter

Pearl powder which contains mineral and amino acids to illuminate the skin. Shea butter nourishes and moisturizes, reducing the look of fine lines.

  • Gold | Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is used to improve elasticity, hydrate and decrease puffiness. Gold powder fights signs of aging.



Each jar contains 60 gel patches that you need to use in a period of  2 months from the moment you open the package. Well, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that this is a short time to use all these eye patches unless you use it every day. I will give a few to my friend because I don’t have time to use one every day (unfortunately).


The patches come in a plastic jar that’s absolutely lovely! It closes tightly so you don’t have to worry because the patches will stay fresh. The paper box is also very beautiful. The box brought a little plastic spatula that is perfect to lift up the patches. I like to use the spatula because the patches have a lot of liquid product and its a mess (and you can damage the patch) if you take them with your hands.



These patches are translucent pink with gold shimmer making them beautiful. As I already said they have a lot of serum.




According to the little information that Koelf give us in the box (in English), they recommend applying the patches with the spatula to cleansed and toned skin for 20-30 minutes before removing and tapping in any excess.

I like to use the smaller end of the inner corner of the eye. But if you like, you can apply it the way you think is the best for you. I like this way because my puffiness starts pretty high up.


I love the way they stick to the skin. They are not too wet so you don’t have to worry to a runoff into your eye.

When I apply the patches, I immediately feel a refresh cool feeling. It’s very strange but good at the same time.

Another good thing is the fact that they don’t budge. Koelf recommends 20-30 minutes with them on but you can carry on with life, you don’t need to worry. This for me it’s great because I tried some masks that I stay still for 20 minutes, which is an absurd. I always have so much to do!


Final thoughts


Don’t expect this to make your skin marvelous for the first time (or the second). I think results needs consistent use. I noticed less puffiness after using it for the first time. I noticed more moisture on my skin too (the skin stays very smooth).

My bags seem less pronounced and I would love to say that I noticed less color in my dark under eyes, but I didn’t. But let’s be real, I only used them two times. So I’m positive that when I finish the package I will be able to say that I can notice a difference in the color of my under eyes.

If not, at least I can definitely say that these help a lot if you suffer from puffiness and dehydration in your under eyes. They’re perfect if you had a bad night and you want a fresh look in the morning. It’s also good to use before an important event. Personally, I like to use them at night, when I come home from work, I take the makeup and feel my under eyes skin very dry. When I use these, I immediately feel fresh and pampered.

So, if you like Korean products and you’re looking for some moisture for under your eyes and you like the cooling effect, then give these a try. They’re not too expensive and it brings a lot of product!

Stay tuned, I will give you updates on our Instagram / twitter page.

Have a great week!








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