Monday Mask – Pretty & Fresh

Hello beauties,

It’s Monday, and after some different monday posts, we are back to the usual #MondayMask.

By now, I think you already know that we love Korean products, so when I saw this pack in a Douglas store I didn’t think twice and bought it.

The pack that I’m talking about has the name “A Weekend in Heaven Pack”. Interesting, right? I thought it too.

This pack is from the brand Pretty & Fresh and has in is composition three sheet masks.

The masks are called: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That is why it’s called a weekend in heaven pack.

I can’t find more information than the one the pack brings. The brand Pretty & Fresh, have a website in Korean and unfortunately, that’s a language that I don’t understand but for what I could see, they have a lot of packs for different occasions.



But let’s work with what we’ve got, right? Let’s talk about the three different masks and for what they are.

Shall we?

Who doesn’t want to spend the weekend in heaven? I think we can agree that after a stressful week our skin needs this. Our face especially, because the poor one spends the week with lots of makeup, pollution and more external elements that are not good. That is why having a brand like Pretty & Fresh taking care of it is really good, and you also agree with me that is good having time to make a pause and take at least 15 minutes for ourselves.


Like the pack says: “The Weekend in Heaven pack is the perfect all-around systematic face care solution. From Friday to Sunday. For all skin needs. For all skin types. Three steps towards a radiant teint full of energy and vitality. Ideal for using at home or on the go.”



The application of the three masks is the same, you just need to follow the instructions

  1. Cleanse face and pat dry.
  2. Carefully take out the mask and unfold it.
  3. Place the fleece on your face so that the cut-outs match your eyes, mouth, and nose.
  4. Slowly remove the protection sheet;
  5. Smooth out any creases and adjust the mask to your comfort
  6. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes
  7. Take off the mask and massage the remaining serum into the skin.





The Friday sheet mask has the function of:

  • Skin repair
  • Balance the face


The principle ingredients are:

  • Blackberry
  • Honey


We all can understand that the first mask of the pack is to repair the skin, because of what I said before. Our skin is through all week being attacked by external elements, that leave it irritated.



I loved this mask. I did it on a Friday night before going to my sofa for a cozy night and I can say that my face was also feeling cozy and comfy.

While you have the sheet mask on your face, you feel a fresh sensation and you also smell a fresh but subtle scent. After removing the mask, I could see the difference in the mirror. My skin was even and with a healthy glow. It didn’t cause me breakouts and the results were noticeable during the next days.





The Saturday sheet mask has the function of:

  • Intense nourish the skin


The principle ingredients are:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Hamamelis


This is the day to really take care of the skin through the inside. It nourishes the skin from the inside that reflects on the outside.



This is the sheet mask that you see fewer results in the moment but I think that this was the mask that turned my skin hydrated through all week without signs of dryness. And let me tell you that here in Portugal we are feeling the Winter in his best game! This was also the mask that I didn’t scent any smell.





The Sunday sheet mask has the function of:

  • Skin-smoother
  • Smoother face


The principle ingredients are:

  • Rose
  • Silk


The Sunday sheet mask is the one that prepares the skin for the week, leaving it like a plain paint ready to receive the makeup and everything.



I honestly never felt my skin smoother than after taking off this mask. I think it was even smoother than the skin of a baby. I understood why has silk in its composition (because that is what our skin feels after). And the sensation perjures through the days.


Final Verdict

I was a little afraid of doing a post about these masks, but I loved the results so I wanted everyone to know. My skin is feeling incredible and I think that the Weekend in Heaven pack has something to do with it. This is adequate for all the skin types. I also wanted to give a shout out to the package – it’s so beautiful!


If you want to try these masks, you can find them on a Douglas store.




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