Urban Decay Naked skin shapeshifter


Hello beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about a product that is not new but it’s in my top 3 purchases of 2017.

I think that by now you all know that I love Urban Decay, and I was in the hunt for a good contour palette. I went to Sephora and asked for help, but I already had this one on my mind.

Moving on, let’s see all the things you need to know about the Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter.


As we are already used to, Urban Decay is a brand that loves to impress us with their packages, and this one is no exception. The package remembers me the Naked Ultimate Basics.

It’s basically a gold package with a kinda holographic appearance, that changes with the position that you put the box.


The inside box is a brown/nude color with the letters in dark brown. The feeling of it in the hand is good and doesn’t feel cheap, something that is not for sure (we will talk about prices, don’t worry).


This palette comes in two colors:

  • The light-medium shift for light to medium tones;
  • The medium dark shift for medium to dark skin tones.

The shapeshifter is composted by two sides, one cream and one powder and each one have a really nice mirror.



The powder side has 3 contours and 1 highlighter.
I usually use the light contour to set my undereye and my face.
The medium contour I use for contouring because it has a grey undertone that is really what you want to create a shadow and lean our face.
The dark contour can be named dark, but it has a brown/reddish undertone so is perfect for bronzing.
The highlighter is the highlighter, of course.



The cream side has one more parcel than the powder side.
It has:
2 contours, two in one color correctors and two in one highlighter. Why two in one? Because it has one color that they say that can be used as a highlighter and a color correcting.

This side of the shapeshifter, I use in this way:
the dark contour to contour and lean my face, the light contour to highlight the jaw and the places that you want to enhance. The color correctors for me are great blush and the highlighter is a really beautiful subtle highlighter.


Final thoughts

I really love this palette. And I’m already thinking that with this palette I don’t need to take much more when I travel because this is perfect. I think this is also perfect for retouch’s because is so compact that it can be in a bag. The cream side Is great for a natural look, nothing too harsh. The powder side is the one that I use the most because is easier to use. All the colors are so easy blended and not caky and handle all day. One thing that I would change in this palette has put a blush in the powder side because it has a blush would be complete, and I didn´t need anything else to an escape away or a vacation.
Concluding, I really love this palette, I’m so happy that I have that and I’m sure that I will have a lot more of use.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter has a cost of $45.00 and if you love it as I do, you can buy it here, it is so worth the price.


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