My concealer collection

Hello beauties,

How many concealers can a person have?

Do you make this question to yourself? Yes?! I did, so many times, but even thinking that one person just has one face and two eyes, and probably even knowing that one single concealer could be enough, it didn’t stop me to buy more.

But if you ask me the reasons for that, I will always say that the skin changes and each concealer is for different occasions.

I don’t have a big collection, but for me it’s a reasonable one, and next week I have one more coming, that I will definitely make a post about because it’s on trend and I want to see and give my opinion- but that is for another post.

I have currently 6 concealers in use. 2 from the same brand just different colors and one that at least for me is just an illuminator and not a concealer, but I included it because I know people that use it as a concealer.


Before starting to talk about each one of them, and what are my opinions about them, I need to say that my under eyes area is really dry and not even. That means that if a concealer works or not works for me, it doesn’t mean that will work on you. And if I have all of these in current use, that means that I like all of them, with some subtle preferences.

The Tarte shape tape concealer is a star in the blogger world, everyone has this, everyone raves about this. Unfortunately, I ordered in the wrong shade, a little too light for me, but I still can manage using it, but maybe that is why this is not my everyday concealer. And I can also say that it dries a little my under eyes area, and at the end of the day, I can see some patches when I use it. I know that when summer comes, this will be on hold because if this is light in winter, we can imagine the difference when I’m tan.

Tarte shape tape in light Sand

The Catrice liquid camouflage waterproof, was a present from Rita, and I’m really glad that she gave it to me.
I like it! It’s in the right shade and you can see that I already used it quite a bit.
I also see some dryness on my under eyes area but that is something that I’m used to on almost all the concealers.

Catrice camouflage concealer in 020 light beige

Nars radiant cream concealer is in my top two of this collection. I really love it. It’s creamy and not patchy and it dries a little but not as much as the other two. I tend t use this when I’m on a no foundation day. Because it stays unnoticeable. It’s almost at the end, and I’m sure that I’m going to buy a new one again.

Nars Radiant cream concealer in Custard –

Now let’s talk about my favorite of all of them. I never tried the double wear foundation, but if it is as good as the concealer, I will love it for sure. The Estee Lauder double wear concealer is creamy, luminous, not heavy and even seeing a little of dry is subtle like the Nars. Are the one that I use in my daily makeup routine and I’m sure that I will continue using. I have two shades, and that was a nice accident. Because I thought that was buying the same and that wasn’t the case. But now I use both.

1- Estee Lauder double wear in light-medium (cool) –
2 – Estee Lauder double wear in light-medium (warm) –

ps: don’t you think looking at the picture that the new one (on the right) has a different consistency? maybe they changed a little the formula.

The last one is the Guerlain Precious light, I use it as an illuminator at the nose, after applying the concealer, to illuminate my under eyes area, my forehead and my chin. It’s beautiful and creamy, not cakey or patchy.

Guerlain Precious light in 00 –

I don’t have it pictured because I don’t have it anymore, but during many years, my concealer was the Vichy Dermablend cover stick concealer. I don’t use it anymore because it was drying my under eyes so bad. But I can say that until this point, this is the one that have more coverage of all the above. I know that last year they reformulated this stick, making it more hydrating, so maybe I’m going to give it another try.


Vichy Dermablend cover stick concealer –

Like I said before, each person is different and a concealer can work for me but not for you. Even on this blog, this is my (Joana) collection and Rita as hers and has her opinion. Do you want an example? The Double wear is my favorite, and Tati also love it, but Rita doesn’t like it at all. See, different skins.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect concealer.

So I ask it one more time.

How many concealers can a person have?


I hope you liked it.




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