[Sephora Collection] Glow Perfection Foundation

Hello beauties,

Who doesn’t love a good foundation dupe: I think I found one! But first things first: Sephora is launching a lot of new products and it’s been a surprise, at least for me, the quality and price. On one of my many trips to Sephora store, I spot this foundation: the Glow perfection foundation (and the finished effect looked familiar to me).


I didn’t found information on Sephora.com but on Sephora.au, you can find it:

‘Catch the glow (and keep it) with this radiance-boosting, long-lasting foundation. The lightweight formula not only provides 10 hours of even, glowing coverage but also 10hours of hydration in a range of shades for every skin tone’.


I bought the shade 22 – light natural. I’m probably going to buy another one but a lighter shade because I feel a slight oxidation, making the color slightly darker after a few minutes.


I really like the radiant effect that this gives to me. Strange, right? I have combination skin which would make you question why do I want a foundation with 10h moisture and a glow effect. But I also have dehydrated skin. Lately, I’m not loving the matte effect on foundations, even more, when it’s cold. This foundation has been my friend on these cold days but as the days stay warmer, I feel the necessity of using more setting powder.

On colder days, this foundation is my number one choice!


I can’t say that this lasts on my skin for 10 hours because after that time I can see some fading around my nose and on my T-zone in general. But I can say that after 6hours this still looks like a new applied foundation.

If you have dry skin, this is a good every day all year foundation.

I can see this as a dupe of the Clinique Even better glow foundation (I really like this foundation). My winter days were divided by using these two foundations. Take a look at the picture – the shades are totally different but the finish and the radiant effect is exactly the same.


Each bottle brings 20ml 0,67fl oz. which is less than the normal 30ml 1fl oz. and it cost me 15€. On Sephora.au it’s available at a price of $26.00.




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