Clarisonic | My accurate story

Hello beauties,

I bought a Clarisonic at the beginning of February and after almost three months of use, I am prepared to talk about my experience and the results I had obtained.

One day I went to my local Sephora to make a beauty treatment, I was already thinking about buying one and after trying it, I fell in love and had to bring one with me (check full story here).

Well, the experience wasn’t the best because, after a couple of uses, my Clarisonic was always asking for more charging. That was not normal, because after the first charge (18hr-24hr) supposedly it only needs more power after approximately 20 -25 uses.

I went to the store and asked for a new machine (we have one year guarantee, we can even ask for the money back if we are not happy), but the lady didn’t know what to do. I left my Clarisonic there to charge all night (she thought I charged it wrong), one day passed, two days… and I was done. I went there and demanded a new machine, and she gave me a new one.

I was so surprised because I never thought I needed to demand a thing that I have the right. Sorry, I’m rambling…Sorry!


With the new Clarisonic, I start to do enjoy the experience!

Another Sephora’s employee (a very nice one) taught me how to use it.

I start by using it in the morning and night but I felt my skin a little sensitive (especially on my cheeks), and now I only use it at night. It’s enough for me.


I normally take all my makeup before using the Clarisonic. But if you want, you can use the machine to do that (not on eyes, of course). As I said, I like to clean all my makeup before, but even doing it, when I use the Clarisonic, my brush always have some foundation. This is the proof that I never cleaned my skin the best way.

After two months, I’m addicted!!!!!! I started to use it 2x per day, every day. But Now I only use it at night, 5 times per week (always at night) because on the other two days I like to make exfoliation or a strong mask.


Don’t get me wrong, you can use a gentle exfoliation product with the Clarisonic, although the Clarisonic per se does a gentle exfoliation. But I don’t like, my skin is a little sensitive and when I tried to do that, I feel my skin even more sensitive.


But what is the Clarisonic after all…


If you never heard about the Clarisonic (I doubt), I have to tell you that it’s the most recommended cleansing device by US dermatologists (the box says, so it must be true eheh)!

‘Gently cleanses 6x better than hands alone. Effectively removes impurities and makeup minimizes the appearance of pores and helps drive better absorption of skincare products’.

The results

I feel such a different skin. Take into consideration that I bought my own machine and I have no contract with the Clarisonic brand. But I can say 100% that my skin changed for the best since I’m using it.

My pores are less visible, I don’t have half of the blackheads I used to have, the texture of the skin improved a lot and I only have pimples (no more than two) when I have my period (and an occasional breakout).

My skin looks more radiant, soft and healthy. And I felt all this after just with one week of use.

The problem with this machine is the fact that it made me addicted to it! When I don’t use it, I feel my skin not cleaned and I’m always thinking about using it again.

And of course, the big elephant in the room: the price! I know, it’s expensive…but since I bought it, I never needed to go to a dermatologist and I saved a lot of money on creams.

Have you heard about the ‘breakout purge’?

When I bought this, I made a little research on the web and I read so many comments saying that this made the skin breakout like crazy.

I only can talk about my experience… in the first days, my skin had some breakouts, in places I never had pimples.

This happened because the Clarisonic cleanses inside out and it may occur some breakouts, because of the clogged pores that you never knew you had. We only see the superficial skin appearance, we don’t know 90% of what’s inside.

But after four days, they all disappeared;

–  maybe you are using the Clarisonic too much, reduce the use to only one time a day;
– see if the brush head is the best for your skin type, you can be using one that’s too abrasive;
– use a good cleansing product (wait for the next post);
– wash your brush head before using it (and wash it after too).
– give it time.

What machine should I choose…

You can choose between a The Mia 1 ($129), Mia 2 ($169), Smart Profile ($349), Mia Fit ($219) and Mia Fit Men’s ($219).


As I said, I have the Mia 2. It has 2 speed facial – a delicate & Universal – for every day and when you need an even lighter cleanse to adapt to your changing skincare needs. I only use the delicate.

The Mia 2 have 60 seconds preprogrammed cleansing cycle.


The box brought the Clarisonic, a charger, instructions and a refreshing gel cleanser with 30ml. I bought my machine in Portugal and it cost me €.

If you want to buy it, click here.

I’m using the brush head that came with the machine: the radiance brush.

Do you want me to talk about the different types of brush heads?

Next time I will talk about the different cleansing products that I use with my Clarisonic and what it the best for your skin type! If you have any question or comment leave it down below.




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