$100 Dior cream?! | Hit or Miss?

Hello beauties,

How much would you spend on a beauty product? And if you read comments like ‘smells like one hundred old ladies’ but also ‘the best, I never had my skin so beautiful’? Well, I tried this controversial cream: the Capture Youth by Dior.


As always, I did a research before even open it and I was a little scared with some of the comments. The most of them were good and people really saw good results but a lot hated the smell. I was a little apprehensive because I suffer from migraines and one said that the strong smell gave her a migraine. But the good comments were so good that I decided to risk and try it…YOLO, right?

This cream was offered to me, so I didn’t have too much at risk, even if I didn’t like it. Take into consideration that this was not offered to be my Dior (I wish!) but by a friend and I didn’t receive nothing to talk about it.


Cara Delevigne is the face of this collection, and she looks stunning in it. The Dior Total Yough Collection consists on two steps, the first is the sérum. You can choose between five different séruns, each one with different properties for different concerns. The séruns will boost the effectiveness of the cream, which as you may have guessed, is the second step.


According to the information on the website:

‘Concentrated in iris extract, this cream boosts the antioxidant power of the skin to defy visible signs of aging. A natural-origin plant mesh instantly helps to smooth, retexturize and strengthen the skin’s surface.
Composed of 88%* natural-origin ingredients, this cream has an ultra-fine texture that is gentle on all skin types’.

1/ Active ingredient: iris extract to boost the skin’s antioxidant power
2/ Natural plant mesh to smooth, retexturize and strengthen the skin
3/ 88%* natural-origin ingredients



The package is beautiful. I wasn’t expecting the contrary from Dior. It screams luxury and it’s very heavy, which I love.



Who will beneficiate with the use of this cream?

This cream has as target people in their early’s 30 and it’s for the first signs of aging – it’s more a prevention than a cure.


How to use it

You can use it in the morning and night. The cream should be used with the complementary sérum, but you can use it alone, as I do (or with another brand sérum)- I use it just at night because I feel the formula a little too heavy for my skin type.


Final thoughts

I’ve been using it for two weeks and I’m in love. I can’t complain about the smell – my biggest fear after reading so many comments about it – because, for me, it’s not strong but very pleasant. I can only feel it when I rub the product on the skin. So don’t try to feel the scent on the packaging because you only feel it on the skin.

Now about the results, I did see some differences in two weeks of use. Honestly, I saw differences on the first day. My skin felt softer and definitely more plumping. I can swear that some of my fine lines are less evidenced (on my forehead and on the smile area). The texture of the skin improved a little bit. They also said that this cream is good for small marks but I don’t have too many, so I can’t talk about the effect on that area.

My skin was not in a bad shape when I started using this cream, I would love to see what this does to a person with a skin with more problems.

I have combination skin and I didn’t feel my skin greasy or more oily, but for that, you can only use this cream one time a day.

I would love to try the matte serum and the Gold serum. Both look very promising. I also would like to see if the sérum really potentiates the cream results.

I know that this product is a little expensive (I know, people) but I really like it and I think that if we can and we see results than the money is well spent (well sort of).

If you can, try it but if you can’t, don’t be mad, I’m sure there are other creams that can result in your skin concerns. I think this cream is worth every dollar/euro, but if you are curious or don’t believe, try it yourself, and next time you go to a Sephora ask for a sample and see for yourself what I’m talking about.





(disclaimer- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links).




5 thoughts on “$100 Dior cream?! | Hit or Miss?

    1. I’m sure it will last a lot of time! I have mine almost for a month and I only spend a little bit. With this product a little goes a long way! It’s expensive, I know, but I really see results with this! Hope you like it too 😉


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