[Sephora Collection] Cream Lip Stain Metal | New!!

Hello beauties,

Sephora is launching such cool products, some of them we already talked about but today we bring you one the newest launches: the Cream Lip Stain Metal.


Sometimes, Sephora launches a new color of the Cream Lip Stain but this time, they step up the game.

We were both aware of the Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain because they have great quality with a great price (and with many different colors to choose from) so the expectations for the metals were big. And they didn’t disappoint us, well sort of.

First things first, on the website we can read that:

Sephora Collection’s best-selling no-transfer Cream Lip Stains in trendy new metallic shades. An array of dazzling shades that pop, featuring quintessential nudes and brilliant reds to match your every whim. These must-have liquid lipsticks deliver looks from simple to sophisticated. – Long-lasting matte metallic finish – High-coverage and no-transfer color with a velvety soft and comfortable feel’.


You can choose between a lot of colors, more precisely 20.


Between both of us, we have four Cream Lip Stain Metal e three of the ‘normal’ Cream Lip Stain.

Up to down: 01 Always Red; 13 Marvelous Malve ; 61 Frosted Rose ; 113 Desert Rose



Up to down: 59 Bronze Icon; 58 Voluptuous Burgundy ; 05 Infinite Rose




Cream Lip Stain Metal:

58 Voluptuous Burgundy


59 Bronze Icon



61 Frosted Rose


113 Desert Rose



Cream Lip Stain:

01 Always Red


05 Infinite Rose



13 Marvelous Malve






The same as the Cream Lip Stain that is available for a long time. The duffer is also the same, which makes the lipstick glides effortlessly without a lot of work.


Final thoughts

We like the colors, like a lot. They are beautiful and when they dry stay beautiful for a lot of time. They are easy to apply and contrary to what the name indicates, they do not stain. On the contrary, they last for a long time without damaging everything you touch with your lips. The only inconvenience is the fact that some of them make your lips drier, like immensely. We did not notice this with all the colors, but with some, yes.

But other than that, Sephora launched a really good collection that we for sure think it will be a bestseller.


You can bough it online or on a physical store for 12.55€ (in Portugal).

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