[erborian] Matte Creme (Mattifying face cream blur effect)

Hello beauties,

Put your hand in the air if you have oily skin! I have, well sort of… So today we are going to talk about a matte cream that I’ve been trying for some time. Erborian Matte Creme is a 5-in-1 product that promises to even out the complexion and mattify the skin.


As you may know or not, I have combination/dehydrated skin (and yes, I drink water, my skin was always dehydrated, it’s genetic). I have dry spots but also oily spots, depending on the day of the month. Lately due to the warm weather, I’m feeling it more to the oily side.

So, it’s been the perfect time to try this cream. According to the information:

‘The combination of its high-tech formulation and the benefits of White Water Lily Extract from Korea, known for its mattifying properties, make Matte Crème a true beauty essential’.

This product helps to:
  • Blur the appearance of imperfections and pores, with a soft-focus effect;
  • Even out skin tone and give an ultra-matte finish;
  • Refine skins texture;
  • Maintain the skins barrier function, to hold in moisture;
  • Mattify to prepare skin for makeup.






The package is beautiful, and I love the fact that it’s easy to take the amount of product that we want without wasting any product.


Apply to the face daily. Use as a makeup base or for touch-ups throughout the day.

Final thoughts

The product has a blue-ish/violet color and I love the smell of it. It’s fresh and very nice. I tried to use it as my day cream when I don’t use Foundation and I also tried to use it as a primer.

As a daily cream, I liked the natural-looking, powdery finish that this product gave to my skin. It’s a nice feeling when you wake up knowing/feeling the skin a little more oily. The complexion definitely looked more matte, even and the pores look visibly blurred. I advise you to use always a moisturizing cream before because if you have dry sports, like me, this product could make them look a little drier and visible. I noticed my skin matte and nice for about 4 hours without any touch up but if you are under the sun or practicing some kind of exercise I think it won’t be for so long.

I can’t use it as a primer, unless I’m using a super Glow foundation or if I’m on one of those days when I have my skin very oily. Because this mattifyes the skin, so much that my skin turns very dry when I apply a foundation (attention dry patches!!).

But I’m going to be fair and say that if you have super-mega oily skin, you are probably going to like to use this as a primer.


Have you tried this product? What is the best way to use it in your opinion?





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