Clarins Skincare Experience!!

Hello beauties,

Last week I was invited to try some Clarins products. I went there after a day of work, with full makeup on my face and I’m glad that happened because I could see how the makeup remover worked.

The lady was so nice and she advised me on a lot of products that I can use~, according to my type of skin and age. The best part was the fact that she used all of them on me.


1- Milk makeup remover (22,95€) 2- One step fácil cleanser (27,96€) 3- Gentle exfoliator (34,95€) 4- Pure and Radiant Mask (30,55€) 5- SOS Refreshing Hydration Mask (40,95€) 6- Eye mask SOS (38.95€) 7- Double Serum (87,95€) 8- Multi-Active Eye cream (46,55€) 9- Hydra-Essential Gel-Créme (50,55€).


First, she removed my makeup with two different products for a full cleaning skin (1, 2). Then she used a chemical exfoliator (3) and three different masks: the purifying (4) on my T-zone, a hydrating (5) and another for the eyes (6 – we already talked about that one, here).

Then she talked about the launch of the Double sérum (7). This isn’t a new product but it’s on its seven formulation. Yes, seven! For what I realized, every time Clarins receive complains about a formulation, or when they discover a new plant with better properties, they change the formulation.

I was a little skeptical about the Double sérum because I tried it last year and I didn’t like it, at all. It left my skin so greasy.

Well, for what she said, the new formula doesn’t do that and the disperser brings a new function that allows taking more serum (for dry skins) or less (for oily skins).

She taught me an application mode on the skin that I didn’t know about. Basically, we spread the serum in the palm of our hands and with ascending movements we apply it with a movement almost like slapping, but gently! Super strange, but I’ve experimented with a different serum though and I did not dislike the technique. (don’t forget the neck area)

Then she applied the eye cream (8) and a gel crème (9). I loved both products.

In the end, I was so relaxed and I was thinking to myself ‘When can I come back?’. She presented me with the gel créme, which make me very happy because it was one of my favorite products.

She also gave me a sample of the eye cream to try for a few days and see if I can see some difference. I have really dry under eyes and I’m currently using an eye mask almost every day when I only should use it two a three times per week. Let’s see if with this eye cream I can reduce the use of the mask.

I left with my skin so beautiful, but I know what I’ve got and it wasn’t a surprise when after a couple of hours I started to felt my skin greasy. I blame the Double Serum, I think that the formula is still not the best for oily skin but I can’t say that 100% for sure.


Do you like Clarins products? What’s your favorite?











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