Worst Dressed Celebs: May Edition

Hello beauties,

Last Sunday we talked about the best-dressed celebs, the crème de la crème. So today, it’s the time for the worst dressed celebs. As we said last time, May was a month full of important events, such the Met gala (not bad), the Royal wedding (it could be worst) and the billboards (or as we think: the worst dressed awards).

So, with no more delays, here’s the worst look for us (common mortals without any fashion degree…just a lot of Project Runway hours on the CV).

Have a great June!



Chloe Madeley showed to much skin on the Royal wedding.

Source: daily express


Joss Stone almost broke the protocol that only the bride can use white on a wedding – although Joss’s dress had a floral print that helps a little.


source: daily express


Caroline Greenwood (the shoes were pretty).


source: daily express


Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice – what’s the worst? Ladies, you could step up your game, you have $ for that.



Christina Aguilera has the voice, but her dress at Billboards was very bad. Sorry.


source: PopSugar


We love Demi Lovato’s voice, but that dress print? No, no.


source: PopSugar


Kesha – no words.


source: E!



Dua Lipa


Source: E!


Rihanna at Met Gala, not the worst but again not the best (the shoes were gorgeous).


source: vanity fair



Priyanka Chopra rocked the royal wedding but before on the Met Gala, she wore an unflattering heavy red dress that didn’t look too good on her,



Lana del Rey, I’m crying because I love her music but the Met Gala dress was a total fiasco. No good Lana, no good at all!


source: cosmopolitan


And then, there’re some dresses that we have any words, at all: Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Lena Dunham.


source: vanity fair



source: E!




The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit celebrating the opening of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, Arrivals, New York, USA - 07 May 2018
Source: vogue




Tell us what was the worst dressed celeb for you!


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