[Becca] Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder – Is it worth the fuss?

Hello beauties,

For some time I’ve been eyeing the under eye powder from Becca’s Bright Eyes collection (#BECCABrightEyes). This collection has an Anti-fatigue under eye primer ($32), an under eye brightening corrector ($32) and the under eye brightening setting powder ($25).

Honestly, I was very torn between this powder and the Marc Jacobs Coconut setting powder but I decided against this one. I went home thinking about it because on Sephora’s website it has a good score (a very good one) and after two weeks, I used my Vip code and grabbed this powder to see what’s the fuss about it!


According to the website’s information:

‘This weightless, invisible loose powder brightens and sets under-eye makeup for lasting wear. Infused with light-reflecting pearl powders, it instantly blurs the appearance of fine lines, without settling into them’.

First, the packaging is beautiful. Very simple but très chic! It’s very easy to take the product without a big mess (like some powders) because it has a plastic rotating cover. A little mirror on the lid would be amazing for when I want to touch up my makeup while traveling.


Second, I was a little apprehensive about this powder because the first and second ingredients are Talc and Silica- which can make some flashback! I don’t advice the use of this powder if you know that you’re going to take pictures with flash.

Third, the size! Don’t be fooled to think that this powder is not very expensive because it costs $25 but only has 2,7g! Marc Jacobs coconut powder has 8g!!


How to apply

They advise the use of a small brush, which I always do when applying an under eye setting powder. I don’t like to bake when I still don’t know how the powder stays on the skin. And take in consideration that not every powder is good to bake – this one is not!

Using a small brush, pick up powder and tap off excess. Sweep under the eye area to set concealer.



Final thoughts

I believe that the brightening setting powder is probably best used with the entire bright eyes collection. Let me tell you, that for brightening the under-eye, this powder is the best. It has some iridescent particles that you can see when in proper light but don’t worry it doesn’t have glitter and doesn’t shine. It mattifies the under area without leaving the dry effect that some powders do.

It says that is translucent and it doesn’t have any color in it, like some ‘translucent’ powders (Marc Jacobs, for example), on the contrary, I think this is more like a white powder, like MUFE, but don’t worry because it doesn’t leave a white cast.


I like the fact that this powder doesn’t accentuate my fine lines and the skin stays smooth, hydrated and no patchy for a long time.

Without any makeup
Maybelline instant anti-age concealer + Becca under eye setting powder

Overall I like this powder and the luminosity it provides. And the fact that this sets up the concealer for a lot of time. But will I buy it again? No, but just because of my dark circles. I was expecting this to help to hide a little bit my dark circles (Marc Jacobs does)! To work on me, I have to use it with a concealer a little darker so the dark circles don’t be more accentuated!


Have you tried this powder? Or any product from this collection? And what’s your favorite setting powder for the under eyes?






3 thoughts on “[Becca] Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder – Is it worth the fuss?

  1. I’m still using Laura Mercier’s secret brightening powder for under my eyes – it has a little bit of flashback. Have you used it? I’m curious as to how it stacks up against this Becca one?



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