[GLISS] New Limited Summer Edition

Hello beauties,

Summer arrived and with it came the Summer limited editions. Known for the fragrances characteristic of summer, these collections make us yearn for the good weather and for a beautiful and well-deserved vacation.

And this is what happened with Gliss. This brand of hair products has launched its summer collection in a limited edition based on the most characteristic perfume of the summer: Monoi flower extract.


This edition has a shampoo, a mask and a sérum, all with:

  • UVA / UVB filter
  • Summer damage repair
  • Protection against hair dryness


‘The Gliss Summer Repair range, with Monoi flower extract and UVA / UVB filter, regenerates hair exposed to the sun and gives it softness and natural shine. Protects against dry hair’.

The packaging is so pretty – with an orange metal color.


Gliss Shampoo Summer Repair – beautyworkers



Gliss Mask Summer Repair – beautyworkers


I tried the shampoo and the mask for almost a month. Both have the characteristic perfume of Monoi Flower extract, which I love. For me, it’s one of the best fragrances for the summer. Even when we are drying out the hair, we can feel the perfume for a lot of time- on my hair I can feel it for two/three days so you can see how strong the perfume is. But it’s also very pleasant…I really, really like it.


After the first use, I immediately felt my hair softer and more disciplined. I have thick hair with very dry ends and my roots are a little bit oily. I always struggle with my dry hair and both shampoo and the mask made wonders in that department.

My only problem is the fact that I noticed that when I´m washing the shampoo, my colored hair lost some pigment. We can definitely see the color on the water. And that’s not good because I want my hair to hold the color. It was a little bit disappointing for me.

For now, I replaced this shampoo with one especially for colored hair and I’m using this shampoo as a shower gel because I love the smell and because it’s almost at the end (not good to a giveaway). I’m still using the mask because I don’t feel that it takes my color away and it really leaves my hair very soft.


Have you tried this Summer edition? Tell us about 2018 summer editions that you’re using and liking.




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