[Dior] Nude Skin Powder | My secret for a perfect skin without foundation

Hello beauties,

I do belive that once you try a foundation, you can stay completely addicted to use it every single day. I do love to use foundation, and that’s not a secret (just see the number of posts about foundations that we have here in the blog). I like to use it because like everybody, I have my insecurities and as a beauty lover I love to try and play with foundations.

But lately I’ve been loving how my skin is plumped, glowy and I don’t feel it so dehydrated. That happened because I have a lot of care cleaning my skin and using the right products in my daily routine. That helped me a lot on the days that I don’t use foundation because let’s be real, I don’t use it every day!


Dior Nude Air Loose Powder


What also helps me a lot on these days, is my secret weapon: The Dior Nude Air Loose Powder.

This product helps me so much that I didn’t use foundation this whole week. I will show you in this post all the products that I used during this week.

As you will see my skincare routine in the morning is very simple because 1) I do prefer to do a more complex skincare routine at night and 2) I love all the minutes that I can stay in bed.

The first step is washing the face, and then I use the Neutrogena Serum Boost. This serum is marvelous. It has some particles that make the skin radiant and plumped. It’s great to give you a more awake and fresh look. Also, perfect if you know that you will be taking photos during the day: the radiant particles are very flattering on camera.


Neutrogena Serum Boost


After the serum, I always use a moisturizer cream, like the Dior Youth Capture. It’s great for my age and it really makes a lot of difference when I use it.

Then this is the step when I would normally apply the foundation.

Concealer is a thing that I never, but never can’t skip. I have very dark under eyes and I need to cover them as much as I can. During this week, I alternated between two concealers: the Too Faced Born this Way concealer and the Benefit Brightening Concealer.

Now, as I said my secret weapon is the Dior Nude Nude Air Loose Powder. I really like this powder. It has some color making it really flattering without the heavy feeling that some powders can do.

I bought the shade Beige 200 and that was a mistake because I wanted a powder to use on top of my foundation but this color was too dark for when I bought it (Winter), but for Summer is great. On top of my foundations this color tend to darken them but alone it looks gorgeous on my skin.

This Powder is available in 5 different shades and I have to say this is an expensive product (it’s Dior after all) but a little goes a long way and the packaging brings a lot of product. I have it since winter and I foresee that it will last a lot of time.


Dior Nude Air Loose Powder


I normally don’t use this powder to bake, I prefer to use a fluffy brush and pat it on the skin with gentle movements. On my under eyes I use just a little more, just to make sure that the concealer stays in place and don’t crease.




The eyes are what take me more time. On the days that I don’t have time, I put on some eyeliner and mascara and it’s done. But when I’m feeling it, I like to use eyeshadow. This week, I reached for a palette that I didn’t use for some time and I don’t know why because it is really good. The Sleek i-Divine peach perfect palette!


I finish it with a bronzer and some blush and Voilá, it’s done!

This didn´t take me more than 15/20minutes (sometimes less). And I really liked to make this routine for a week.  This made me realize (what I already knew) which is: it’s possible for me to feel good without a foundation!

But as a beauty lover (or obsessed) I’m really excited to try new foundations!!!


Do you use Foundation every day? What’s your secret weapon on a no Foundation day?




5 thoughts on “[Dior] Nude Skin Powder | My secret for a perfect skin without foundation

  1. I definitely need foundation because of all the red areas on my skin. But half of the foundation ends up on my shirt when i get dressef or on my phone screen when I make a call. It’s very annoying. 👺
    What’s the secret? Is that what setting powder is for?
    I hope it’s not a stupid question! 😅

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    1. It’s not a stupid question at all!! It’s all about the foundation, there are foundations that transfer to the clothes and others don’t! If your foundation does transfer then you can try set it with a setting powder. It will make your foundation last longer, don’t move and sometimes it can take away that fake look that some foundations make (it turn your skin more natural).
      My secret with this powder is that I can use it without a foundation. It blurs some of imperfections that I have on my skin but first I make sure to use a good serum and moisturizer. If you have problems with your foundation try a setting powder after applying the foundation or use only a concealer on your problem areas and then use a powder like this one (with color). Did I help you? I hope so!


  2. I use foundation almost everyday, but when i’m makeup free, i like to use a facial oil and a primer that has spf 50 like the one from Elizabeth Arden, City Smart. It’s expensive, but on my skin it works so well, that it blurs my imperfections. And thanks for sharing your secret 🙂

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