My Makeup travel bag – Cuba style

Hello beauties,

Last week I shared with you my skincare bag for Cuba, and I’m so happy that you liked that post, it was really good to write. Thank you for the support.

In another hand, if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, you can click here.

In resume, I went to Cuba last month, and I found helpful to share with you what I packed for the trip, and my opinion on what I should or shouldn’t pack. In the last one, I showed you my skincare travel bag and this time we are straight to the most exciting: the makeup bag!


Let’s began


First, we need to talk about my makeup necessaire. It’s new in my collection, and if you follow us for awhile, you will recognize this necessaire in the post “what I received at Christmas”. It´s from Victoria Secret – black with sparkles. It’s really beautiful, right?! Some of you are thinking that this is a small necessaire but we are talking about a trip to a tropical beach. In this type of vacations, you usually use minimal makeup, (probably just at night or for a possible special photo) and for vacations I like to take with me products on travel sizes.




The first product that I choose to take with me was the Shiseido Perfect Hydration BB cream. If you remember, I bought this for my snow trip back in March, but as I said in the intro A summer trip, especially to a tropical place, usually is a relaxed vacation and the perfect place to let your skin breath.

A BB cream is a perfect way to have an even skin without the heavy feeling of a foundation. I loved this Shiseido BB in the snow and now I can assure you that is also good for the heat.


Shiseido Perfect Hydration BB cream



The second makeup item that I packed was, of course, my favorite from all. I´m talking about the Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter. I don’t know a product more perfect than this to travel. It has everything that you need in a compact space. It has powder and cream. If I could just only pick an item, I would choose this one. In the review, I said it was something missing on this palette (here) but not anymore because Urban Decay already took care of it – but that is for another post.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter



The next two items were a blush and a bronzer. And now you are thinking that the Urban decay has a bronzer. Well, unfortunately before the trip, the Shape Shifter pallet had a small but destructive date with the ground and the powder bronze broke in a million pieces (let’s give it a minute to cry a little). That is why I took my beloved Hoola bronzer from Benefit, in of course, a travel size. Then I picked the Bourjois blush, that has a special place in my heart because was one of the first products that I reviewed in this adventure of blogging. And by the way, I’m still loving it!


Hoola bronzer and Bourjois blush



My choose for concealer is not a surprise. And because I have it in a travel size it’s even more perfect. I’m talking of course about my Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer. There’s nothing else to say.  I love it.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer



Because the Urban Decay palette has a highlighter, I didn’t pack a proper one. I chose to put instead, the Douglas chic & shine highlighter. Honestly, I put it in the bag because I thought it would be cool to use it and take cool photos to Instagram. But back to reality… I didn’t use it. I’m not that Instagram person with the perfect pictures. I preferred to relax with my friends. So I think next time, this will stay at home.


Douglas chic & shine highlighter



Talking about eyes. I choose the La Roche Posay Mascara for my trip. I choose this one because first is in a travel size and second it has no false lashes effect, it’s more to the natural look. And third, La Roche Posay is a brand sold in a pharmacy, so I trust the ingredients on it and using a hypoallergenic product in a different country is always a good idea.


La Roche Posay Mascara



I picked the most travel size palette that I have – the Tarte Tarteist Pro to Go. Like the name says, it is perfect to travel. It has a more brown shade that is good as the first shade to blend and then it has the sparkle to give the shimmer to the night. I really like this palette, the pigment is great.


Tarte Tarteist Pro to Go



For lips, I chose four lipsticks for this trip. The Makeup Revolution Iconic matte nude revolution in Inspiration. the BalmainXLoreal in Domination, the Sephora Metallic in number 05 and my beloved Dior Sugar Scrub. The Dior sugar scrub went with me in my cabin bag, because we all know the effects of the airplane on your skin and lips. I chose these four because I didn’t know the type of night and look I wanted. We always have to be prepared!




The last makeup product is the Makeup Forever Mist & Fix. My usually setting spray in once again, a travel size. I have been using it for a while and is really good.


Makeup Forever Mist & Fix



Well, thats it. My Makeup Bag is complete. I can assure you, that I didn’t felt the miss of anything so I’m pretty happy with my pics.

There is something else that you want to know about my trip to Cuba? If the answer is yes, tell me in the comments.


I hope you liked it.









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