Martiderm Ritual & Go – how to achieve the perfect skin to a big event

Hello beauties

It’s Summer and at this time of the year we usually have wedings, special events or like me: Rock in Rio. One of the best festival of Music in the world.
I love Rock In Rio, I just missed two times in their history in Lisbon. This time I went in the first weekend. I watched Muse in the first day and so many more, and the in second day Bruno Mars (amazing), Demi Lovato (first time, and loved it). And of course many more. Rock in Rio in more than a festival of music. That is why, we need to be in your best.
To prepare my skin to this day and others like a weeding, for example, I trusted in Martiderm. More specifically the Martiderm Ritual and Go.
The Ritual and Go is package composed with different products: a exfolatiion cream, a mask, a photo age ampoule and an Flash ampoule.
The Martiderm Ritual and Go has everything that we need to a perfect skin. You can buy this city box in different padrons and Colors.
The first step is the exfoliation.
This exfoliantion is great for all skin types. Is gentle for the sensitive ones but has the right strenth to clean your skin.
It has as functions:
  • anti-bacterial
  • regulates the oleosity
  • deep clean your face
  • remove the dead cells
  • celular renovation
  • Balance the skin
  • remove blemish
  • attenuate acne scars
  • illuminate the skin
  • even face
Exfoliate trough 30 seconds in circular motions in a damp skin and then remove with warm water and the help of a sponge.
The second step is the hydra mask. This step is also good for all skin types, because even an oily skin needs hydration.
MartiDerm Hydra Mask
This mask can be used isolated or after the exfoliation to have a complete deep cleansing of the face and potentiate the other steps of this treatment.
This mask has as principles constituints:
  • Colagen;
  • Aloe vera;
  • Macadamia oil.
And the functions of:
  • Hydration;
  • Reverse uneven skin;
  • anti-aging.
Mode of application:
  1. In a clean face, apply an uniform portion of the mask, except in the eyes and lips
  2. Wait 15 minutes
  3. Take it off with a lot of water


The third step of this Ritual to have the perfect skin is the Platinium Photo-age Ampoule

MartiDerm Platinium Photo-Age

The Platinium Photo Age has many benefits, such as:

  • anti-aging
  • prevent the photoaging
  • repare the skin after sun exposure
  • hydrates
  • iluminates the skin

Mode of aplication

  1. Before the serum if you have normal to dry skin or as serum if you have oily skin
  2. Agitate a little the ampoule
  3. Put half of the ampoule in the palm of your hand
  4. Apply in your face with a massage until is complete absorbed.

After this step, you can apply the rest of your skincare, as usual.

Calm down because we are almost at the end. The final step of the Martiderm Ritual and Go is the Martiderm Flash Ampoule.

Martiderm Flash

The Flash Ampoule is the secret of this Ritual. It can transform the skin like night to day.

The Flash Ampoule acts instantly, eliminating the signs of stress and fatigue, giving more hydration and flexibility to your skin.

And the bonus is that it’s for all skin types.

The mode of application is exactly like the Platinium Photo age Ampoule, except in the part that the Flash Ampoule is the last step before the makeup. After the Flash you start your makeup to the big event.


The Martiderm ampoules have a validation of 24 hours. A tip that I give to you is to apply before the big and important event and in the morning after the event. Because it’s 24 hours later and if is a big event, mostly you are going to make excesss and wear makeup for longer than usual, that means that you will need some recover. Great that is for what this is.

Because I started this post saying that I did this ritual to prepare my skin  to go to Rock In Rio, I thought that would be cool to show you what I wore in the first day (I’m sorry I forgot to take the picture of what I wear in the second day).

Intimissim red bra under a white shirt, to show a little of the lace with my short Mango Shorts


In the picture you can see that it took a “village” to create the look to the first day of Rock in Rio Lisboa. You can also see some spoilers of future post in this picture. Can you guess what I’m going to review?


Are you having a important event in the near future? What is your preparation?


Hope you liked it!




(disclaimed- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)


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