Kiko Milano Sales haul: What I got for $16!!

Hello beauties,

Kiko Milano is a well known brand by us, here in Beautyworkers. Both me and Joana love its products and the quality. Lately, we’ve been noticing that Kiko’s prices are increasing, maybe because it has become a well-known brand.

But we are not here because of that, we are here because Kiko opened its sales doors and I was in heaven (literally)! For the first time, my credit card is not mad with me, at all. Why? Because I bought a few things and my total cart was €55 but after all the discounts, I only paid €16.55. Heaveeennnn


Green Me | Hydrating Face Mist

Hydrating Face Mist (

‘Hydrating face mist enriched with mineral salts. Refreshes and provides the skin with an instant feeling of wellbeing’.

I have oily skin but it’s Summer in Portugal (one of the hottest since 2003) and I’ve been feeling the ‘pulling’ effect, which I hate. That means that my skin needs hydration and this face mist look a great addition to my collection.

Original price: 10,95€
Sales price: 3,25€


Free Soul | Blurring Eye Balm

Blurring Eye Balm (

‘Perfecting eye contour balm with immediate fresh and brightening effect’.

As you know by now, I have dark under eyes and everything that says fresh or brightening for the eyes is a product for me to try. I tried the tester on my hand and I did felt the fresh feeling, so I’m very excited to try it on my under eyes (although I didn’t see any benefit ingredient on the list of ingredients but let’s finger cross).

Original price: 15,95€
Sales price: 4,75€


Free Soul | Highlighter

Highlighter (

‘Powder highlighter with a silky texture in three shades’.

I don’t understand why a powder with three so different shades. The contrast between the lighter and darker shade is too large, the dark one i think is too dark for my skin tone, so I do not think I can put all three together. But it seems to me that the lightest one has the perfect tone for my skin (also the middle one looks good to my eyes). Can’t wait to play with it…

Original price: 12,95€
Sales price: 3,85€



Metal Fusion | Blush 03

Blush 03 (

‘Buildable powder blush. Metallic finish to sculpt and highlight’.

Do you know when you just buy a thing because it’s pretty? Well, this is the case. I normally run from metallic blushes, and grab all the mattes but I thought that this looked so beautiful that I needed to try it.

Original price: 9,95€
Sales price: 2,95€


Coloured Balm | Lip Balm Strawberry 05

Lip Balm 05 (

I really like lipsticks and after seeing all the lipsticks that Kiko has on sales, I decided for this one. It smells like strawberry. I didn’t want to buy another one just to put in on a drawer, I’m trying to buy only lipsticks that I know that I’m using in the future (that definitely didn’t happen with the Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip, here).

Original price: 5,95€
Sales price: 1,75€



And that’s it! My mini Kiko haul! Have you tried any of these products? I’m really excited to try them all. Tell me If you want a post about a specifically product.













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