[Yves Rocher] Lifeproof Eyeshadow | Hit or Miss?

Hello beauties,

On today’s post, we bring you a new Yves Rocher product. Available in ten different colors, the lifeproof eyeshadow it’s a new bet on makeup.


According to the information, these eyeshadows are:

  • 14h of duration
  • Waterproof
  • Creamy texture
  • Integrated edge

‘It’s the perfect ally for a perfect look from morning to night. Up to 14 hours, resistant to water, tears, a gym training .. all this, without migrating nor transfer. Intense and uniform colors. Pencil format, easy and practical to apply. Creamy texture with cotton oil.’

Interesting, right?

Well, I bought two, to see if these could be a hit or a miss!

With so many different colors to choose, I decided to try the Nude Mat (01) and the Turquoise (05).


There’s also the Or, Bronze, Vert, Bleu mat, Prune, Taupe, Brun mat and Gris mat.

Each pencil brings 1,4g and cost 13,35€ (the price is always less because Yves Rocher has always sales), so I bought each one for 9,90€.

Both pencils are very easy to apply, and they bring (in my opinion) a lot of product. The best is that you can put this in your bag and apply it quickly, smudging the edges with your finger.

The nude mat (01) has a very light color that it’s difficult to see on my skin tone. I think that a darker skin tone will love this color. For me, I use it as a primer for my eyes.


The Turquoise (05) is a pigmented color. A really pigmented color. I love this color and you don’t need to use too much to create a beautiful look, because as I said, it’s very pigmented. It lasts for hours on my eyelids and it doesn’t make them oily, which is a problem that some people have (like me) when using these type of eyeshadows. It won’t smudge easily but of course, if you forget that you’re using makeup and rub your eyes, it will look a little bit a mess (but even then, less than in comparison with some other eyeshadows).


I can definitely see what they talk about when they say that these are waterproof because it lasts for a quite of time. 14h? I don’t know, I never have makeup on my face for so long. But after 8h, the turquoise is is in the right place, that I can tell.

If the other colors are pigmented and with long duration as this, then this is definitely a Hit!

Do you like these kinds of eyeshadows? What’s your favorite brand and color?







5 thoughts on “[Yves Rocher] Lifeproof Eyeshadow | Hit or Miss?

    1. I like to use it too as a base. It really is the best way to make any eyeshadow color more intensive. If you have the possibility try Yves rocher products, they are affordable and very natural (but with a lot of quality).
      Thanks for the comment. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. hey i know this is a very old article, but how do you wash it off?? urgent! i made a shadow but its not coming off 😦


    1. Hey Jane, I still use these eyeshadows and I never had a problem taking it off. My advice to you it to use a oil makeup remover or a micellar water (f.e. bioderma red bottle), let it work for a couple of seconds and then remove with a cotton pad. Let me know how it’s the situation…


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