New! Darphin | Petal Infusion Lip oil

Hello beauties,

Darphin is a natural brand that I really trust and like. When they launch a new line or a product, its products are always on point in all the aspects, and the new Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oils are no exception.

This new Lip oils are an eye-catching  when you see them on a shelf (points for that). First, you want to buy them for the package, because let’s be real, is stunning, then for the scent, because it’s amazing and of course because of the effect and the results (and that should be the first reason, I know).


The new Darphin Petal Infusion is infused with real flower petals to give you a botanic renew of the lips.

They come in three versions and all of them have in their formula Nutrient Rich Apricot and Grapeseed oil to give that high-shine glossy look, also perfect to define the lips. They also have Omega 6 and 9 to plump the lips and finaly vitamin E to comfort the lips and prevent dryness.


Like I said before, Darphin is a natural brand so it’s no surprise when we find that all Lip oils are formulated with no Parabens and are 100% vegan.

There are three different versions with different scents, ingredients and purposes.


The blue one is composed with real Cornflower petals, lemon, mandarin, cedarwood and nutmeg that gives a little spicy scent. This is the perfect one to smooth the lips.


The red one is composed with real rose petals, geranium, sweet rosewoods and raspberry juice.  This is the perfect lip oil to nourishing even the driest lips.


Last but not least, the yellow lip oil is composed with real calendula petals, lemons juice, orange coconut and apple, all enhanced with honey and luscious plum fruit. This is indicated to rejuvenate the lips.


Final thoughts

The Darphin Lip oils were a nice surprise because when you read lip oil you automatically think on a thin oily/liquid layer but that’s not the case. These have a formulation a lot like a gloss because is thicker and stays on the lips for a long time. Even when the shine disappears, you still have the feeling of a smooth and plump lip. They feel so good on the lips, not sticky at all. And let’s no forget the fact that all of them are really easy to apply.

The scent, oh the scent is perfect. Each one has a different scent because of the different petals and ingredients that each one have. My favorite is definitly the Blue Lip oil.

They are gorgeous, so I think that even who doesn’t like lip oils or glosses, would love to have them on a top shelve as decoration.

They are a little expensive, you pay $22.00 for just 4mL of lip oil but is Darphin, so like Rita, I was too expecting more product for the price.



have you tried any of  these lip oils? If yes, tell me your favorite one or even better, tell me if you found a dupe to them.








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