August New! Products in Samples | The Good and The Not so Good

Hello beauties,

As pharmaceutics and beauty enthusiasts it is normal to accumulate more samples than normal, as well as to know firsthand some of the new launches of the pharmaceutical dermatology industry. 

And as we try the samples we can see which products are indicated for our skin type as well as the products that have the best overall action.

Here in beautyworkers, we are both apologists to try first before buying and for this (and because we have the opportunity, of course) we are constantly experimenting a lot of samples. I do love Samples because it’s the perfect way to know if we like the product or not. 

Today we are going to tell you about the sample products that we tried during the month of August…Some surprised us positively while others…well let’s say that others were a big let down. Ready?




Dior | Joy


‘A fragrance like a whisper wrapped in the silky softness of sandalwood, shining with rose and jasmine’.

I love to have one or two samples of perfume in my bag because we don’t know when we will need some perfume. I received three samples of this new product (launched a few weeks ago) and I only have one left! I’m in love with this scent! It’s so good but expensive!

The only con is the fact that I don’t feel the scent for a lot of time.

Will I buy the normal size? The fact that I’m considering buying it (even knowing how much it costs), is the best way to see how much I like it!



Jean Paul Gaultier | Scandal by Night


‘Scandal is still there with its honey, but now it’s partying with its intoxicating tuberculose, sandalwood and tonka bean. Na even more addictive blend’.

This is also a new product but unlike the Dior Joy, Scandal by Night is a perfume that despite putting it at 8 am, you will still feel it at 23 pm! It lasts immense time on the skin and clothing. It’s a strong perfume, but I love it too! It has nothing to do with Dior’s, they are both good and different at the same time. They are my favorites right now. I use different perfumes according to how I feel, and you?

Will I buy the normal size? I’m considering it!





Caudalie | Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence


I like Caudalie products. It’s a fact! I don’t remember a Caudalie product that I have tried and didn’t like (and I think that I tried almost every product from every line). This wasn’t a disappointment. It has a lot of natural ingredients and it’s really effective.

The sample lasts a lot of time. I use it 2 or 3x a week and I see results (Immediately softer and hydrated skin). It also helped me with some pimples that I had and for that reason, I’m continuing using it.

Will I buy the normal size? Absolutely!


Darphin | Anti-wrinkle & Firming Sculping Night Cream


I’m in love with this cream. I could write a poem for this product. I feel such a difference on my skin since I’m using it. I truly do! My only con is the price because it’s expensive ladies! Expensive with a capital E! But is it worth? Absolutely! When I apply this cream at night I see immediate results. I feel my skin filled and so smooth! With continuous using this feeling is stronger even in the nights when I don’t use it. Although is a rich cream, it doesn’t make my skin oilier, on the contrary, I feel my skin very hydrated and balanced.

Will I buy the normal size? Yes, this is a gem! Expensive but so worth!


Darphin | Young Resurfacing Peel with Botanical Blend


Darphin is a brand that I really like and after receiving some samples from then, I decided to put to test some products. This one I didn’t like. When I open the bottle all I can feel is the Alcohol scent. As the directions said, I applied some on a cotton but when I applied it to my face I felt like I was putting pure alcohol in my skin. The strong alcohol smell and the fact that my skin felt dry are enough reasons to make me never using it again.

Will I buy the normal size? No!


Guerlain | Youth watery oil Abeille Royale


I had great expectations for this watery oil. I received some samples of this new product and everywhere I look I only see good reviews about it. The fact that it is a Guerlain product and has real honey in the ingredients were enough reasons that make me excited.

I didn’t like it! It’s not the best serum for my skin type (although it says it’s a watery oil good for all skin types). I used it for almost a week, always at night and every morning I felt my combo skin more and more oily. To be fair, maybe a dry or normal skin will probably like this serum.

Will I buy the normal size? No, it’s not for me! If you are considering it, prepare your wallet because it costs $140!




Too Faced | Hangover Spray


I’m already a fan of the Hangover primer, so it was normal that I had some curiosity about the spray. But can you believe that I always forget to look for it when I’m shopping? Maybe because I read so many negative reviews about it online. But after receiving a sample and trying it, I can not write a bad word about it. It smells great, makes the makeup last more time and in perfect shape. Nothing wrong about it and I won’t definitely forget about it again!

Will I buy the normal size? Yes, I will for sure.


Sephora | Matte lipstick Red


The classic red lipstick is available in different brands but if you are looking for a good matte red lipstick at a great price then don’t look further. I wasn’t expecting less because I have some lipsticks from this collection and all are great in terms of color, durability, and quality!


Will I buy the normal size? If I was a red lipstick girl, yes!



What sample did you try that you loved and what did you hate! Let me know what you guys think!



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