Pixi by Petra | MatteLast Liquid Lip – First Impressions & New Colors!!

Hello beauties,

You know we love new releases but we even love more to share the news with you! And today we bring you a fresh launch from Pixi beauty – the new MatteLast Liquid Lip!


If you already tried one of the six MatteLast Liquid Lip, we are glad to let you know that Pixi beauty launched five new colors of these award-winning must-have!

Curious? We are and fortunately, we had the pleasure to receive all the eleven colors to try and give our thoughts on them.

‘MatteLast Liquid Lip is long wearing, non-transferring, & non-drying. Lips will feel comfortable & hydrated with infused rosewood & vitamin E’ (Pixi beauty)


Before you had six nude colors to choose (Pastel Petal, Matte beige, Really Rose, Au Naturelle, Evening Rose, and Prettiest Pink) and you know that we both love nude-ish colors but there was something missing on this collection.


So we are very glad that Pixi beauty added to the family five new shades of MatteLast Liquid Lip because now you can opt for a more bold color with Real Red, Peony Pink, Berry Bost, Orange Red, and a new nude color- Bare Beauty.



Every MatteLast Liquid Lip has a creamy formula with a lot of pigment, so much that only just one swipe and your lips stay covered. Some colors are a little more difficult to apply, but overall all Liquid Lip applies evenly and (we love that) isn’t streaky in the formula. If you check Pixi website, they advise you to gently exfoliate your lips to smooth and condition, before applying because these are matte lipsticks.

The applicator is the kind that’s more popular these days- it has the doe foot with a little hole in it and it picks a lot of product, which can be nice but also a bummer because sometimes it’s just too much. It comes in a beautiful square tube, which I like – that way it won’t roll away on me- and you can see the color, which is also good when you are on a rush.

The applicator allows me to line so precisely that I only felt the necessity to use a lip liner with the darkest/ reddish colors (like Real Red and Berry Bost).


I didn’t like the fact that the applicator is very flexible because it can cause a mess when we take it off the tube. My advice is to take it gently or it can ‘sneeze’ product all over you.

I detected a faint rosy scent, which is amazing, I love this scent, and that’s normal because they’re infused with rosehip oil.

In the end, these Liquid lipsticks feel comfy, weightless and are very pigmented. After applying it, you only need to wait a couple of seconds for it to dry.

Now… about longevity, they last a lot of time on the lips, and they are cup-proof but not food-proof entirely because it will stain every napkin but in the end, you still have a decent amount of color on the lips!

I like the fact that I tried almost every color in one day and I didn’t feel the discomfort that some matte lipsticks can cause.

Perhaps because of certain pigments, I noticed that in lighter colors (such as Au Naturelle and Bare Nude), after a while the lips look drier, but on the others colors that didn’t happen.


Although we received these Liquid lips in PR, we always give our honest opinions and we hope that we have been fair in our post.


Ready for the swatches?

Au Naturelle


Pastel Petal


Really Rose


Peony Pink – New!




Orange Red – New!


Matte Beige



Bare Beauty – New!


Evening Rose



Prettiest Pink



Real Red – New!



Berry Boost – New!



Rita: I’m in love with three colors (for different occasions), the orange-red when I feel bold, Peony Pink when I want a vibrant pink and Pretty rose for the perfect rosy daily nude.

Joana: I love these liquid lipsticks especially Evening Rose, for an everyday nude lip color but with a touch of color, and  Real Red when I’m feeling extra confidence.


The MatteLast Liquid Lip are BeautyWorkers approve! Each lipstick cost 16£ (US$14) here.


What’s your favorite MatteLast Liquid Lip color?




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5 thoughts on “Pixi by Petra | MatteLast Liquid Lip – First Impressions & New Colors!!

  1. You have to admit berry boost is the best! Not a big fan of liquid mattes because they’re too high maintenance: you have to scrub your lips beforehand, you have to wear a primer or a balm, you have to line your lips, etc. etc. and I haven’t found a formula that I don’t find uncomfortably drying.
    I love Pixi’s skincare range, but I wonder about the rest of their makeup range? I’m tempted to try their eyeshadow palette but it seems a bit dull, I don’t know 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really like these MatteLast Liquid lipsticks. I only had trouble with two colors (some problem in the formulation – maybe the pigment??). But today I used the Peony color MatteLast (withouth lip liner) all day and I don’t feel my lips drier and I only had to re-touch it one time (lunch). Pixi’s skincare range is really good, but I never tried their eyeshadow palette (but I heard good things about it) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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