[boscia] Luminizing Black mask | Will this peel-off mask work???

Hello beauties,

Who doesn’t like the good and ‘old’ peel-off mask? I do! It’s fun and in theory, it takes all the dirt of our skin.

On today’s post, I’m going to talk about my experience with the Boscia’s Luminizing Black mask.

‘An innovative peel-off mask that helps boost skin clarity and minimize the appearance of pores. Remove dirt and impurities while absorbing excess oil to reveal a healthy glowing complexion’. (Boscia)

A few years ago, there was a black mask (peel-off) fever, everyone used and abused them and you can check all the videos on the YouTube! Today this fever is calmer but for me, these type of mask are never outdated.

When you pick one of these peel-off masks, you need to be careful, because it’s so good when we peel it off but some of them have ingredients on their formulas that can pull too much of your skin, which is not good for a sensitive skin (and for no skin at all). This is not one of those masks!



Apply an even layer to clean and dry skin. Avoid eye area, hair, and lips. Leave on for 30minutes or until dry. Peel off the mask and rinse off residues.


I like this mask. You know why? Because this is one of the good ones. It has charcoal which is good for my type of skin (combo/oily) and it peels off easily without leaving the feeling that it took an entire layer of skin.

You have to be careful with hair and it was a mess to apply it (black mask all over my bathroom and fingers) but nothing that some warm water don’t resolve!

This is not a specific black mask to take blackheads, so don’t expect to see those in the remain peel-off. No! This is a luminosity mask, and what you’ll see will be dead skin and dirt. In the end, this results in a glowing and dewy skin.

It also takes some facial hair but nothing too major.

It’s easy to peel and it doesn’t hurt (at all). It was easy and comfortable to let it dry for 30 minutes but in the last minutes I started to feel my skin hot (again, nothing major). If you apply too much product you need to wait more than 30 minutes, so try to make an even layer.

When I peeled it off, my skin was glowing and you can see all the dirt and dead skin that this took from my skin. (Sometimes I can’t believe how much dirt and dead skin I always have in my skin, even with all the care that I have every day).

I did notice some kind of sensitivity in the skin between my under eyes and checks (some redness) but this is usually a place that my skin is more sensitive and that happens with a lot of masks.

I used my usual serum and moisturizer and the redness disappeared after a couple of minutes.

I didn’t notice my pores more or less evidenced but the fact that after taking the mask off, it was so easy to squeeze two blackheads that were bugging me, makes me believe that this mask has some kind of pore effect.

I want to use it more times because in the end I felt my skin cleaner and glowing with just one use and I want to see what this can do to my pores with constant use.



Have you tried this mask? What did you think of it?


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