A lip balm that can make us happy ? | Oh Yeahh!

Hello beauties,

What if I told you that there’s a lip balm that can make us happy? It’s good news, right? Well, I can’t guarantee you that this is true but there’s, in fact, a line of lip balms that were created on the happiness concept. Their slogan is ‘Your daily dose of happiness’.


Looks so good that we had to try them!

But first let me introduce you to the concept – these lip balms have a formulation named Happiness Boosting Complex, that helps raise the level of serotonin (also known as the substance of good mood) thanks to three natural ingredients that are rich in tryptophan and selected for their beneficial properties.




  • Simplicifolia GRIFFONIA: African origin, this plant has phytotherapeutic properties, with positive effect in the improvement of the emotional well-being, problems of sleep and appetite.
  • KIWI EXTRACT: Rich in vitamins with nutritive properties for the skin.
  • COCOA: With excellent properties for the skin, due to its antioxidant and revitalizing action.


‘Thanks to its rich tryptophan formula, OH YEAHH! lip balms increase salivary serotonin levels by 2.8 times in 30 minutes’.  (Oh yeahh!)


You can choose between five different lip balms, all of them have the same formula but they have different colors.



  • Silver
  • Melon
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Violet




Image: Melon and Violet


The packaging is beautiful – and we’ve got three different lip balms to try (Silver, Red, and Pink).



According to the website, this one is for those who believe that the secret of happiness is in a life without worries. For those who have an animated and eclectic spirit, for dynamic women and aware that femininity is also on their lips’.




‘For women who cultivate a life with optimism, grasping happiness. For the most determined and courageous, who has a soul in love and who like to show their lips to the world’.




‘For women who know that living a relaxed and simple life is the first step to happiness. Rose is the ideal color for romantic women who know how to show their emotions through their lips’.



You can see from the photo that this gives some pink color to the lips, but nothing too crazy (let’s not forget that this is a lip balm).


I’ve been using this almost every day in the last month to see if I can feel some difference. I had some setbacks for two weeks and that made it the perfect time to try this. Honestly, I didn’t feel any difference in my happiness level, but I do feel a difference on my lips: they are a lot smoother!

I read some reviews about these products and some claimed that these lip balms decrease the appetite, making people happier. It could be a coincidence because I had two horrible weeks (my dog had an urgent surgery) but while trying this lipstick I didn’t feel my level of hungry decrease (which is in a maximum level, all the time). But as I said I was stressed and it can be a coincidence.

Because every lip balm has SPF it turns out to be a perfect lip product for summer.


(disclaimer- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link)



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