Beauty class: How to clean your makeup brushes in an​ easy, quick and effective way

Hello beauties,

It’s always a bummer when it gets the time to clean our brushes because if you use them a lot they can get really dirty and sometimes with makeup that’s impossible to remove.

If you are like me, you are always in a rush and don’t have time to be a hour cleaning your brushes. Well, through this year I developed a way to clean them that is easy, inexpensive, quick and most importantly effective.

First, let’s talk about some signs that indicate that’s the time to clean the your brushes:

  • When you buy them. In theory they are clean but I think that is important to pass (always) an antibacterial spray through them.
  • Are you getting some pimples and you don’t know why? The answer can be in the brushes. They can get bacterias that are in your skin and fungus from the environment. You can clean your face but if you don’t clean your brushes you are putting the bacterias again in the skin making your skin break out.
  • Do you remember the initial color of the bristles of your brush? I bet it’s not the same as right now, so that means that they need be cleaned (ASAP).

In conclusion, you don’t need to clean them every day but at least once a week if you use makeup every day and unfortunatly an antibacterial spray is not always enough.

Now let’s talk about the technique that I use to clean my brushes and beauty blender, but first I just want to alert you that the pictures were taken in action, in real life so the quality may not be the best.

For this technique, I just use four things.


  1. Water
  2. Solid soap
  3. Cleanser for the body (preferably one to babies- because of its pH).
  4. Brush cleanser spray antibacterial

The number 3 you just use if you want, it’s not entirely necessary, I use it in the more difficult ones like the beautyblender and foundation brush.

Then you just need to start…

First, make the soap wet


Pass water through the brush;


Rub the brush in the solid soap;


If It is one more difficult to remove all the dirty, put a little of the cleanser in your hand or directly in the brush and rub;


Pass through water and reply for every brush;

After all the brushes are cleaned, spray the antibacterial spray in all of them;


Put them on the sun to dry. The best way is a support that let them dry upside down because if they dry too slow or in the normal position they can catch fungus.


Voilá, it’s easy, right?

Can you see the difference in the color of the brushes in the before and after, it’s huge right?! (they were a little dirty, shame on me)

The cleanser that I use is the Johnson baby shower gel, and I like it because is soft and I’m sure will not damage my brushes. The spray that I use is from Inglot and is their Inglot brush cleanser but you can get one at Primark, for example at a more nicer price. I like it but make sure you are in a ventilated area because of the alcohol that it has.

I like both products and if you want to buy them click here for the Johnson and here for the Inglot, they are cheap but if you have others you can totally use them, even your habitue shower gel can be good if it’s not too harsh. Or you can just skip this too and clean with water and soap, you already saw that is effective.

(note- this post does not contain any affiliate links).


What products do you use to clean yout brushes? Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this 🙂


by Joana



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