Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer // First impressions & Photos

Hello beauties,

You may have noticed that the thing that I’m always complaining (among other things) are my dark under eyes! This is a problem for me because I hate those little dark circles that make my face look always tired like I haven’t slept for a week (which is not true).

So when I saw on Instagram that Huda beauty was releasing a concealer I was super excited because when you search ‘Foundation + Coverage’ you probably will end with Huda on the results!


The Overachiever Concealer can be bought in the Huda’s website but when I knew that Portugal Sephora was selling it, I immediately bought it! And this time I was very quick, it only took one day after the launch in Portugal for me to receive it!

This concealer claims to be a creamy concealer, armed with skincare actives and a cooling zamac tip.

‘Developed for tired eyes and long nights in mind, the formula works to disguise the appearance of dark circles, redness, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and discoloration with a beautiful luminous-matte finish’. (Huda Beauty)

The formula is packed with 31% pure pigments, and multi-action skincare actives, like Green Tea, known to erase signs of discoloration and stress, while also protecting the skin against external hazards and discoloration. Jericho Rose extract for its soothing and moisturizing properties, known to promote cellular regeneration as you wear.

Sounds great, right?

They are available in 20 different shades and one thing that I noticed is that they have a really fair color (Whipped Cream 00G) – that’s almost white and a really deep shade (Chocolate Chip 38R). Unfortunately, in Portugal, there are some colors that are still not available.

The inicial idea was to buy the shade Meringue (04N) or the Cotton Candy (08B)…Surprise,, surprise? Both are unavailable in here! Between those two is the color Nougat (06G) but I didn’t like it, I think is has a very yellow undertone for me, so I bought the color Marshmallow (02B). Tell me in the comments what do you think about this color on me.


I also think that with this concealer a little goes a long way -you definitely don’t need to apply too much. The cooling zamac tip is really cooling and it gives a de-puff effect to the under eyes and I like it, a lot! It also has the perfect shape to the inner corner of the eyes.


The packaging is very small, you can put it in your bag (even in your smallest bag) but it brings 10mL (same as the Tarte Shape Tape). Yah to small packages, better for the environment!


Because this is not my color, I’m not totally happy with the coverage. It’s not bad but I still can see some of the dark circles (surprisingly, in the photo, it did not look bad at all). But I really think that with a color a little darker, I would not have this problem.


Take into consideration that this product Oxidizes- not too much but you can see a slight difference after some minutes! For me, it’s good because this helps me to pull this light color on my skin. But if you are thinking on buying one of these and you want it to illuminate the area, then my advice is to go to a store and check the product on your skin after a couple of minutes, before buying it.

I like the fact that it didn’t mark my fine lines, even after a couple of hours. But the first time that I applied it, I had to take it off because I wasn’t wearing eye cream and this product left the skin very dry, a lot! So I applied a serum and an eye cream and only then applied the corrector (again)…the result was much better! I also noticed that this situation gets worst if I bake with powder.

After using it, I realized pretty soon that this concealer lasts a lot of time on the skin and it won’t crease so, only apply powder if you really need or if you do, apply with a light hand.

Honestly, I’m curious to try my right shade (at least my current shade) to see if I see differences in the coverage.

If you are curious, you can buy it on Huda’s website, Sephora or Cult beauty. It has a cost of $30 (29,99€ in Portugal).


Have you tried this concealer? Let me know if you want a post about a battle between the Overachieve versus Too Faced Born this Way versus Tarte Shape Tape!


-by ARita



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