Catrice HD Liquid Coverage – 24hr Foundation? // First Impressions & Wear Test

Hello beauties,

Since its launch, I’ve been reading so good things about the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. If you follow Tati and a bunch of another youtubers, then you’ve probably know what I’m talking about. Saying that I was curious to try this Foundation is little…


Luckly it’s available in my country (surprise, surprise because sometimes I feel like I live in Narnia…), and when I spoted it in a local pharmacy I had to run and grab the last one (at least in a shade that I liked).

My expectations were high and after try it, I’m not dissapointed! At all!

I don’t know about your country but here in Portugal, it’s only available in four diferente shades, which is very limited, We can choose between 10 Light Beige, 20 Rose beige, 30 Sand Beige and 40 Warm Beige.

My skin is placed on the lightest shades, so I naturally thought that I would be a shade 10 (and in my defence we can’t see the right color by the bottle) but after a swatch I noticed that it was too light for me. Then I checked the shade 20 but I felt it too rosy for me. After a couple of swatches between the shade 30 and 40, I bought the 30 and let me tell you…surprisingly it’s the perfect match for my skin tone!

The HD Liquid Coverage claims to last up to 24hrs which is a lot of time and a big promisse by Catrice. Honestly, I didn’t try it for so many hours because I just can’t stand makeup on my skin for so much time.


The packaging is very simple, but I love the bottle and the fact that it’s heavy. I don’t like the dropper – the quality is bad (and it could be mine) but it’s always dropping foundation everywhere…a mess!

The first time I applied it on my skin, I like it…a lot. As the name says, the Foundation has a liquid consistency and don’t think that it doesn’t have coverage, because you would be wrong. One layer of this foundation is enough for me, but if you like you can apply more layers. My advice it to not apply to much one time, build the coverage one layer at the time.

After 4 hrs my skin looks like I just applied the Foundation. It’s fresh, without oil and my pores were not evidenced.

After 9hrs my skin was still beautiful. The Foundation was still in place, even in my nose (my problematic área when it comes to foundations). I just needed a little of powder in the T-zone, which is normal.

With another Foundation, by that time, my skin was much more oily and in some places I probably would not have Foundation.

I can’t say enough good things about it! I’ve been using it for almost a week and I didn’t notice breakouts or sensitivity.

The shade range is very limited, I know (at least in my country) and the smell is not the greatest (it’s like baby wipers, a lot like talc) which is normal since talc is the second ingrediente on the list. Some people don’t like talc in their foundations, but I don’t mind because normally talc is there to improve the time of wear of a product.

Let’s not Forget the this product only costs 7,99€ and in my opinion is better than a lot of high end foundations that I own or tried!

Until I find another Foundation that looks so good on my skin after almost 10hrs, this will be on the top of my favorite foundations!

(I normally use as a primer the Fenty Beauty Pro F’trer Primer).



Have you tried this Foundation? Let me know what’s your favorite drugstore Foundation!


by ARita



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