Halloween 2018 (Celebs style!)

Hello beauties,

Halloween is coming to town and if you are still looking for the perfect outfit we are going to help you.

Well, the help is not ours, we are just the intermediate with this post.  The main helpers are the stars, that Hollywood VIP that we see on the movies and on red carpets.


Let’s start with the show-off, the most outrageous and ridiculous red-carpet looks transformed into the most stunning and perfect Halloween looks.

To do this post we didn’t have to go much back on time because the 2018 AMA’s were a festival full of Halloween looks.


A sexy witch

Heidi Klum



Carmen Miranda

Cardi B


Hannibal Lecter (woman version)



Medium/Prisoner from the Future/Something from Blade Runner

Bad Bunny

Cursed Doll/ Crazy e2Fairy

Qveer Herby

The new version of a clown

Post Malone


Hot homeless

Michael Trewartha and Kyle Trewartha

The fashionist nun/’Handmaid’s Tale’ goes to a party version

Halle Bailey and Chloe Bailey


Holographic Allien party

Amara La Negra


Do you already know what to wear on Halloween? I would love to see all your looks. Share with us on the comments below.

We hope you had some fun seeing these looks! Some were not so bad to use on the AMA’s but we can take inspiration on everything!


Have a spooky Halloween!!!



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