Hello beauties,

I was very curious when I saw this palette on a local drugstore. Surprisingly this palette belongs to the new products in my country although it’s out there in the world since March! Crazy, right?

I’m talking about the Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette! This palette is the perfect Summer palette (or even winter, depending on you) because of its bright and vibrant colors, perfect to give a touch of color to your eyes.


The Lemonade Craze Palette features 12 eyeshadows in a mix of matte and shimmer shades. You can choose between wearable neutrals to the darker and bright shades.  I like the color scheme and the lemonade theme behind it.

I love the fact that we can play and create multiple looks with this palette and it’s not boring at all! When I opened the palette, I immediately felt the lemon scent, more like a sugar citrus scent…and I’m not mad about it!



I was surprised when I swatched the colors, they have a decent level of pigmentation (some are less pigmented but they can be easily buildable). I also like how buttery and blendable they are! My only complaint is the shade Main Squeeze because it has a little fallout and it’s also a little bit chunky but the others are really good for the price.

Yes, this is a $10,99 palette (12,99€ in Portugal) and I was not expecting the quality to be as good as it is because I read some bad reviews about it.

Some colors may look a little intimidating but they look so beautiful on the eyes. Like I said, the eyeshadows are pigmented but you can always intensify them with an eye primer (or just use concealer). Personally, my favorite is the shade Sugar Coated, it’s a copper shimmer that is very pigmented and you don’t need spray to intensify it, just apply it with your fingers and it will look beautiful.

1.Blend Sweet Tea into crease; 2.Shade Coral Punch to the center of the lid and lower lash line; 3.Pack IcePop into the crease; 4. Apply Lemonade Craze into the inner corner to center.


1. Blend Sweet Tea into the lid to almost brow bone; 2.Apply Old Fashioned into the crease and lower lash line; 3.Tap Sugar Coated with a finger in center lid; 4.Apply Main Squeeze into the inner corner.



1.Blend Sweet Tea and Coral Punch from lid to crease; 2. Apply a little of Lemonade Craze into the crease- blend well; 3. IcePop in inner corner and crease; 4. Pack strawberry lemonade and Citrus with a finger on Center lid.


This palette didn’t disappoint me, it’s fun and you can play with it every day to create fun and bright looks. Now, I want to try the Soda Pop but let’s see how much time it takes to be available in my country…


I hope you enjoy the looks. Have you tried this palette yet? Let me know what you think!



-by ARita



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