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This month Yves Rocher launched four new face masks: Replenishing Mask, Purifying Mask, Radiance mask and an Exfoliating Scrub.

We tried three of them (the Replenishing, Purifying and the Exfoliating mask) and we had a lot of fun trying these masks. Yves Rocher claims that each one can be used until five times but for what we could see, you can use them for a lot more times (and for a great price too!).


Each one of these four masks is made up to 98% of natural ingredients, they are also made without mineral oil and without parabens and these are some reasons why we love Yves Rocher’s products.


Replenishing Mask * Reenergize your skin!


‘This Face Revitalizing Mask hydrates and revitalizes the skin deep down with agave sap. Just one step to fully restore the skin’s freshness’.

Results: Hydrating effect in 15 minutes and one hour after application.* nao percebi esta frase

How to use: Leave on for 5 minutes, then remove any excess with a cotton pad. Apply twice a week.

*Objective clinical study on 21 cases.


I love this mask! It turned one of my favorite masks. Why? Because I have combo/oily skin and this mask leaves my face hydrated and smooth without the heavy feeling that some hydrate masks do! I can use at night (before my night cream) and on the next morning I wake up with refreshed but hydrated skin (without zero oil). The texture is like a gel, very fresh and perfect for normal/combo/oily skin. The scent is also very pleasant (fresh) and lasts a long time.

I will definitely use this mask a lot during this season (and probably buy more for the future).



Purifying Mask * Mattify your skin


‘This Face Purifying Mask mattifies and deeply purifies the skin with kaolin. Reduces excess of sebum, tighten pores and mattify the skin’.

– Blackheads are significantly reduced by 19%*
– The pores are tightened by 18%*
– The skin texture is smoother by 31%*
– Significant reduction of sebum level by 89%*

How to use: Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Apply twice a week.


I’m torn with this mask. I liked how clean my face was after using this mask. I also like the fact that it didn’t dry a lot my skin (like some kaolin masks tend to do) but after the two times that I used this product, on the next day I wake up with some breakouts. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. But I did see the difference on my blackheads (they don’t look so dark) and the skin looked and felt smoother.



Exfoliating Scrub * Refine your skin texture!


‘This Face Exfoliating Scrub gently exfoliates the skin with apricot powder. One step to polish the skin’s surface for a silky smooth and even skin’.

How to use: Apply to the face twice a week. Gently massage in and rinse.


I really liked this scrub. It’s perfect for sensitive skin because it’s not hard on the skin. The scent is also weak in a great way. The skin look smoother and relly soft to the touch almost immediately.

I will continue for sure using this scrub, at least twice a week and I’m sure I will see some improvements on my skin.



Have you tried these Yves Rocher masks? What’s your favorite? If not, which one do you want to try?




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