HUDA THE NEW NUDE EYESHADOW PALETTE | Testing, swatching & reviewing

Hello beauties,

Yes, we are going to talk about the new Nude Huda eyeshadow palette. I’ve been seeing this palette all around the social media, so the hype is big! Did I need another palette? Probably not, but I couldn’t resist! This palette is beautiful, every photo that I took looks Gorgeous and the looks that I created are not behind! I’ve been testing it for a week and every day I receive a lot of compliments.


According to the Huda’s beauty website, the Nude Palette includes:

  • Ten Highly Pigmented Matte Eyeshadows, formulated with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil for butter-like application; 
  • Four Reflective Shades, featuring shimmering pearl flecks for a gorgeous duo-chromatic finish; 
  • Two Glitter Formulas, infused with innovative silicones for advanced adherence, pigment dispersion, and luminosity; 
  • One Pressed Pearl, combined with Acacia, Jojoba and Sunflower Wax for a high-shimmer finish that layers effortlessly on top of mattes, adding dreamy depth and dimension; 
  • One Concealer Base, for flawless application, and to boost the eyeshadows.



This palette has very wearable colors, from soft berry to dusty copper, and rosy pink to golden taupe tones. 

I love the color scheme but for me, this is not a nude palette, is more like a malve/pink palette. But hey? I’m not complaining about the name…


The shades look a lot better on the eyes. I don’t know why but the swatches don’t make justice to the palette.


On the left (top to bottom): Bare, Crave, Play, Fantasy, Love Bite, Panked, Lace, Daydream and Tickle. On the Right (top to bottom): Excite, Infatuated, Kinky, Secret, Tease, Raw, Charmed andTeddy.

What I like about the Nude Palette…

  • The mattes are creamy and blend effortlessly; 
  • The shades are very pigmented (like a lot);
  • I like the fact that it brings a ‘concealer’. It does the job with the mattes and shimmers, helping the color to its full potential
  • As long as you use your fingers, the Metallics and shimmers look amazing. The majority have a butter consistency, which is really nice!
  • The shimmers pack enough punch but still keep this palette toned down for more natural looks
  • The chunky glitters look from another world (when well applied). They are truly dimensional!


What I don’t like about the Nude Palette…

  • You need a glitter glue for the chunky glitters. The concealer is not enough!
  • Forget your brushes if you want to pick the shimmer colors.
  • Some shimmer shades and the two glitters have a lot of fallout and it can be a mess on the palette and on the under eyes.
  • The price is so high!

But let’s talk about the price…

The Nude palette costs $65 (66,90€ in Portugal). Let me put to use what I learn in all these years in mathematics: each shade has a cost of $3,61. A little bit high…right?

But, if we compare to an ABH palette that has a price of $ 51 and brings fourteen shadows, each shadow has a cost of $ 3.64. I’m not saying that one is better than another because I can’t and don’t want to do that, but we can see that the prices are around the same…


Final thoughts

Do I think that you need this palette? No, there’s others palettes out there with similar shades and a lot less expensive. Maybe they will not perform soo well like these but they will not take $65 from your wallet.

Would I buy this palette again? Yes, absolutely. I don’t regret it!

The shade range is beautiful, wearable, pigmented and looks great on the eyes. You can create punch looks but also natural looks. But are you willing to spend so much money? This is a question that only you can answer.

Have you bought this palette or are you thinking about buying it? Tell me in the comments I would love to know your opinion.

(note: this is not an add or sponsored)



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