How I organized my makeup | Before & After

Hello beauties,

I have a small room with little space empty, so my makeup is staying on my wardrobe.

I had the makeup in bags and box and because of that, I couldn’t see what I have so conclusion: I was always using the same products every single day.

With that said, I realized that I needed to organize my makeup ASAP.

I went to Amazon and bought some different type of storages form the brand Byalegory and Kurtzy and now I’m going to show you the process between the before and after. Maybe you can take some ideas if you are struggling to how to organize your makeup.




The Process…

The order from Amazon was really easy and was quick to arrive, I was very pleased to see the quality of the pieces.

Now I’m going to show you the pieces that I bought and what I put in each one of them.

In the piece to organize palettes, some palettes like my Urban Decay BackTalk didn´t fit in the spaces, but they thought on that and the separators are removable.

The piece to organize lipsticks I wish it was a little bit taller because some lipsticks are bigger than others. But until is good and I need another one because is already full.

This one has different sizes so is good to eye pencils, to lip pencils and eyebrows pencils, also.




As you can see there is a huge difference.


I know it’s not perfect, but I used the space that I have to make the best that I could.

Now I can see perfectly what I have and not use always the same.


What I also can see is that I need to do some decluttering to my makeup. Do you want to see? Or see my collection of lipsticks or foundations. I once did my collection of concealers (here and here), but now I have some new stuff to that.

The best of this was that I put in the garbage a lot of stuff.


If there is something that called your attention that you want me to review or if you have some questions about the process let me know in the comments below, I will be happy to help.

I hope you liked it!


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