[Dior] Backstage face & body Foundation | The disadvantage of this Foundation!

Hello beauties,

I have the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation since it was launched and I thought on doing a first impression review, but I started thinking in what I like to read on a blog and it’s not the first impression – but the second and third impressions… if the product is really good or not, and all the points of it.

Sometimes, a first impression can be rush, and you can’t really see all the features of a product (for example, if it causes breakouts).

So I decided to test it first, give it a really good test. Rita also bought this Foundation and together we can give you our honest opinion.

Let’s be real, this is not a cheap Foundation and we are not here to say to you ‘Go buy it, yeah it’s really good’ and then you realize that ultimately we don’t use it.

Honestly, in the beginning, this foundation was not working for me and I have normal skin. But I put in my head that I would find the way to make it work and I did, I can say that I have been using this foundation nonstop.

But now without more blah blah blah, let’s skip to the review.

The Backstage Face & Body foundation is part of Dior’s Backstage collection, a professional performance collection, used on Dior models.


This foundation was released in different 40 shades, for every person to have their perfect shade.
The formula is enriched with beauty-enhancing pigments that fuses with the skin and gives the perfect glow but in a natural way that can be built as you desire.
It is a waterproof foundation that can resist almost every extreme condition that you are put through, like for example workout sessions, extreme temperatures and many more.

When you read waterproof foundation, you think in a thick and full coverage foundation, but no, the Backstage is the opposite. I call this a BB cream with more coverage because is so lightweight that you don’t feel that you are using it. You can build it as you desire that it will, without losing the lightness.

It’s easy to achieve a light/medium coverage: simply use your fingers if you want light coverage or a brush if you want more coverage. It’s an easily buildable Foundation.


As I said before both of us used this foundation and we have different skin. Rita has combo skin (more to the oily side), and I have normal to dry skin.
This foundation says that is for all skin types, so I think that this post is really complete and the only one you need to read. LOL

Combo Skin (Rita)

I’m very happy with the way this Foundation look on my skin. I love the fact that’s so lightweight. I do feel the need to set it with a good powder because when the weather is still a little bit hot, I can feel my skin oilier, but I still like how my skin looks. I can see some blur on the pores and doesn’t look cakey on my combo skin (I always struggle to find a foundation that stays good on my nose area, and this one stays really good).

I like to apply it is with a brush, for me it helps achieve the best finish.

Normal to dry skin (Joana)

As I said before I had a hard time finding a way to use this foundation but is Dior and I spent my money, so I needed to find a way to make it work. The major problem with this foundation was the dry spots that it was evidencing on my skin, it started to be a little cakey on some points, the glow that the package said I would see, I wasn’t seeing at all (take in consideration that my skin loves everything that says, Glow).

Another problem was the fact that after 4 hours I could see it vanish in some parts of my skin, especially on my chin.


Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation  (3N)


After trying it with different primers and ways of application I found that the best way, for normal to dry skin, is to use it after a hydrating primer and with your fingers. For example, I’m using it with my beloved Marc Jacobs Invisible (Under)cover face primer.


Final thoughts

We both agree that sensitive people to scents might not like this foundation, it smells like Dior (like an expensive product). For us is not a con and I have another one that maybe is my favorite foundation of all, that has a stronger smell.
We also think that the shade selection is huge, and that is awesome but it can be a little overwhelming when ordering online. The packaging might be not the most luxurious and the squeeze bottle can be messy because it squirts everywhere when you open it – the secret is to tap it in a table before opening the cap.

For us, it applies better with a brush or with the hands. Do not waste the product on a beauty blender because this foundation has a B.B. cream consistency, so if you like to spend half of a bottle in a unique application go for it, if not and you have love to the money, don’t use a Beauty blender, please.

In conclusion, we are very happy with how it looks on the skin. But, and this is a big But… this made our faces breakout! We have different types of skin, and in both of us, this foundation caused breakouts! We tested, and tested and tested again but the result was always the same. Unfortunately, this Foundation turned out to be a product that can only be used on special occasions.

Do you want to give it a try? It will cost you $34.00 and you can buy it here.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments if this Foundation also caused you breakouts.




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