Super Mat 12hrs Foundation Zero Shine: Yves Rocher | full face using Yves Rocher products

Hello beauties,

Yves Rocher recently launched a new foundation – the Super Mat! This foundation promises 12h without shine, which is great if you suffer from the oily skin after a couple of hours with makeup. I know what that is…

Don’t give in to your shine, mattify it! Finally, a foundation designed for combination to oily skin. High-absorption powders and mattifying Baïkal powder within the formula ensure that your skin will stay matte whatever you put it through. With a non-oily texture and powder-soft feel that leaves skin feeling soft and matte without that mask-like effect. Stress, sports, and a fast-paced life? Bye-bye, shine! (Yves Rocher)

When I ordered this foundation, I decided to order a few more makeup products. So I bought the primer, a concealer that I had my eye on for some time and a lipstick. I already own a Yves Rocher’s palette, so I skip that!

First, let’s talk about the main product: the Super Mat Foundation.


This foundation is available in 11 shades, that goes from rosé 100 to Brun 500. A poor range shade, I know, but I noticed that when a foundation has success, Yves Rocher normally extend the orange shade.


Here in Portugal, we don’t have a Yves Rocher store, so I normally order to a friend that is a Yves Rocher seller.

It’s a little bit difficult to choose a shade from a magazine and int he ends I was torn between two shades, and because it was a launching product, I used the discount and bought the two shades: beige 100 and beige 200.


My skin tone is currently between a summer bronze and winter white!

The packaging for this Foundation is very small but it brings the normal 30mL that every Foundation brings. That shows how some packages can be deceived…


Now, about the Peau Parfaite Primer. It claims that improves makeup staying power with a naked-skin feel and lets skin breathe. It’s also formulated with Rice extract to boost cellular respiration to make skin glow for an immediate perfect skin look.


The Radiant Youth Corrector Pen is available in two shades (beige or Rose), I bought the beige. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I’m in love with this packaging. It promises a light, creamy texture that is easy to apply to instantly smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce signs of fatigue. Enriched with light-diffusing pigments, it illuminates dark areas.



Final thoughts

Peau Parfaite Primer

I used this primer two times, and I didn’t like it. When used alone, it’s not so bad, it gives a beautiful glow and because it already has some color, it blurs some imperfections. Reminds me the Becca illuminating primer (reminds me!).


But I think it doesn’t sit well with foundations. I don’t feel like this helps a seamless application and I also don’t feel that the foundation stays longer with this primer. I want to use it more times to see if the problem is the combination of this primer with the Super Mat foundation, I don’t know. I will keep you posted.


Super Mat Foundation

This was the principal reason for this post. The first time that I used this foundation, I didn’t like it, at all. After a couple of hours, my skin looked awful, like a cover and rubbed off in some places.

In the next day, I changed the primer and used the Fenty beauty Pro f’ltrer and I noticed a big improvement. But after a couple of hours, I still didn’t like how my skin looked.

On the third day, I used again the Pro f’ltrer primer but this time applied the foundation with a beauty blender instead of a brush. The difference was enormous! I liked a lot better, the finish looked more polished and lasted for a lot more time.


Do I like this foundation? I still don’t know. Some days it looks good, other not so good. I don’t like the fact that after six hours, my nose doesn’t have foundation anymore and if I scratch my skin, I will take the product off.

I like the fact that this is a matte foundation but the finish is not totally matte. I also like the fact that this doesn’t evidence my fine lines (even in my under eyes). After 8 hrs my skin doesn’t have a drop of oil!

My advice is to use a good hydration primer (gently beauty or hangover, for example) before this foundation. And always use a beauty blender to apply it.



Radiant Youth Corrector Pen

I really really like this concealer! It’s great! from the one hundred concealers that I own, this is the only one that doesn’t evidence my fine lines. I can use a setting powder without worrying that after some hours I will like twenty years older!


It’s very hydrating, so no dry patches under my eyes.

The pigmentation is not the best (compared with the new Born this way concealer that for me has the best pigmentation). But because it has a somewhat peachy tone, I can see differences in my dark circles!

For me, this concealer is a winning jackpot. And it only cost 12€!!!


Let me know in the comments below what you think about Yves Rocher makeup. Have you tried this foundation? If so, what did you think of it?


(note: this is not an add or sponsored)



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